Vegan Boots

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For a lot of people, a good pair of boots is an absolute wardrobe must. Whether it’s a sturdy pair of daily beaters or an absolutely stunning finish to your outfit for your night out, everyone needs a good pair of boots, vegans included. 

With the demand for vegan clothing and fashion in general on the rise, we have seen the industry respond. We now have a huge range of boots available to us from a wide variety of vegan brands and otherwise. From military boots to Chelsea boots, and from hiking boots to thigh-high heels, you can be sure you’ll find what you’re looking for without compromising your ethics.

What is a Vegan Boot?

Vegan Boots are any boots that do not use any materials derived from animals. The first thing that comes to mind is leather, but for a boot to be considered vegan it must not use any animal glues, furs, suede, or animal-derived dyes.

There are numerous alternatives to leather available. Traditionally, leather alternatives would be made from polyurethane (commonly known as pleather), but as materials are researched and developed, vegan leather made from plant mass is becoming more and more common. These are currently made from plants such as cacti, pineapple, mushrooms, apples, and much more.

Where We Come In

We help you find the latest and most stylish boots on the market today. We help point you in the direction of the finest vegan brands producing our favorite vegan boots so you can complete your wardrobe with this classic staple. We will help you find vegan boots in less obvious places like from independent brands and brands that are not 100% vegan. Ultimately we believe in creating a better world through more responsible purchasing habits, and we want you to look whilst you do it.


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