Best Vegan Leather Jackets 2024— Find Your Faux Leather Jacket

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Are you ready to look good and feel even better with these ethical vegan leather jackets? If so, let’s take a look at what vegan leather jacket options are available for you.

Our top vegan leather jackets brand picks

Leather jackets are one of those timeless pieces of clothing that tend to be in everyone’s wardrobe thanks to the cool, edgy vibe they have. Unfortunately, leather is made of animal skin, which isn’t ethical or welfare friendly. These days, more and more people are moving away from animal products in their clothes, food and beauty regimes.

Luckily for everyone, there are a number of different vegan leather alternatives out there. So yes, you can now get a stunning vegan leather jacket and be environmentally friendly and responsible while looking great. Here are some of the top vegan leather jackets for both men and women.

Which Vegan Leather Jacket is best for you? — A closer look


1. Will’s Vegan Store — Moto Jacket — Best Women’s


For a classic-look vegan leather jacket, you don’t need to look any further than the Moto jacket from Will’s. This brand is fully sustainable and 100% vegan. All their products are made from natural or recycled material. Additionally, the metal in the jacket is sourced from nickel-free hardware. The cut and style of this jacket harks back to the traditional biker jacket and offers a soft, comfortable jacket no matter the weather.


2. Will’s Vegan Store — Biker Jacket — Best Men’s


For men, Will’s biker jacket is one of the best vegan leather jackets out there. Like the women’s version, this is modeled on the classic biker jacket. It’s got a viscose interior to ensure it stays soft and comfortable. Additionally, it’s made from natural or recycled materials for both vegan leather and vegan suede elements. The company is carbon neutral too, which is the cherry on top of the cake.


3. Noize Men’s Vegan Leather Puffer


This is a lightweight puffer jacket made from nylon fiber that comes from recycled water bottles. The exterior has vegan leather piping for a full puffer look and feel. There are no harmful chemicals used in the making of this jacket either. Better still, the nylon fiber provides good insulation so the jacket is windproof and snug. However, as it is quite thin, it’s recommended that you layer up underneath on colder days.


4. Stella McCartney — Designer Vegan Biker Jacket


One of the few designer brands out there that is working towards embracing vegan fashion, Stella McCartney offers a range of vegan leather jackets. This biker jacket for women uses the brand’s signature Alter Mat vegan leather alternative for the jacket. It has a ribbed hem, buckle collar and zip pocket on the sleeve. The only downside is that these jackets are in the high-end range.


5. Desserto Sentient Cactus Leather Jacket


The Mexican textiles brand, Desserto, uses vegan cactus leather in all its products. The brand is fully sustainable and vegan. Not only that, but all the nopal cactus used is from a fully organic plantation in Zacatecas. As such, no pesticides or other toxins are used during the harvest of the cactus. Additionally, this cactus doesn’t need much water in order to grow, which makes this an excellent vegan choice. This specific jacket, the Astral by Sentient, another fully vegan brand, can be worn in a number of different ways. It’s got a nickel-finish zipper and is backed with recycled polyester and cotton. As such, there is a focus on durability, so that this product aims to last when worn.


6. Cultthread – LADBROKE recycled vegan leather long coat


The brand, Cultthread is fully vegan and makes a lot of vegan outerwear for both men and women. It is PETA-approved and all its clothes are handmade, which gives them an extra stylish look. This specific long coat is reversible so that you get two looks for one. Better still, it’s oversized, which means that it can be used in the colder months with lots of underlayers or for a stylish summer look over the top of lighter dresses. This duster jacket has faux fur pockets, is rainproof and stretchy, which means it’s even more comfortable. The hood is fully removable, which lets you can change up your style, all with one jacket. It’s made of PU though, which isn’t the most sustainable or eco-friendly vegan leather available.


7. Will’s Vegan Store — Vegan Suede Biker Jacket (Women)


This soft brown Italian vegan suede jacket is an excellent piece to add to your wardrobe. It’s cut short so that it sits on the hips and provides two pockets with zips and cotton lining for all your essential items. It also has a viscose lining, which keeps it warm and makes it great for layering. And, the zippers and buttons are made from nickel-free hardware. The company is carbon neutral and all the packaging is fully recyclable cardboard and paper. All products are part of a send-to-recycle policy enabling customers to return their product once it’s old.


8. Killstar — Core Vegan Leather Vest


If you want a truly biker look, then this vegan leather vest from Killstar is a great option. This is a PU leather vest with zip and stud pockets. For a soft and snug feel, there is a satin lining. Better still, this is a unisex jacket with a slim fit. As such, it’s actually better to order a size up, plus, this means you can layer up under it if it does get cold. A plus point about this jacket is it’s very easy to customize and make your own.


9. NANUSHKA – Vegan Leather Puffer Jacket


This specific puffer jacket is the most popular design and product from Nanushka. It’s a brand that’s fully vegan and uses a smooth satin lining on the interior. This helps it to be snug and warm, so you’re not going to need too many layers in the colder months. The stylish look hides a range of exciting features including hidden snap closures and a high neck collar. Essentially, this is contemporary streetwear taken to the next level. Its oversized look gives a more exaggerated silhouette, though this is not something for everyone. It comes in a muted palette, though it does have a glossy finish on the exterior. Finally, this is a PU and polyester jacket, which is vegan, but not as eco-friendly as it could be.


10. Unreal Fur — Viper Vegan Leather Puffer Jacketsma Vegan Leather Brown Coat


For some great leather athletic wear, the puffer jacket from Unreal Fur is a great option. It’s in a classic puffer jacket style and has a snakeskin pattern on the outer coating of the jacket. The high neckline means that it’s snug, even in the colder months. The jacket has a PU outer shell with a vegan puffer filling and a polyester and elastane lining.


11. Will’s Vegan Store — Shirt Collar Jacket (Men’s)


This fully vegan brand continues to impress with a range of different vegan leather jackets. For something a little different, there is the men’s shirt collar jacket in black. It’s got a pebble grain and two outer pockets. Lined with viscose, this regular fit jacket is easy to take on and off. It can also be layered to keep you warm no matter the time of the year.

Which are the best designer brands for vegan leather jackets?

At this time, most designer brands are still making the transition to vegan clothing lines. This means that many designer brands don’t actually have vegan leather jackets available. Currently, one of the bigger-name fashion brands that do offer a vegan leather jacket is Stella McCartney.

At the moment, if you want a really great vegan leather jacket, you’re going to need to look outside the designer brand circle. Instead, there is a great range of vegan brands that all make top-quality, stylish jackets.

What are vegan faux leather jackets made from?

There are many different materials that can be used to make vegan leather jackets. One of the most common is PU (polyurethane). Another is PVC. However, typically, PVC is not that commonly used as PU outperforms it by being more breathable (PVC tends to last longer though).

Even though these are both technically animal-product-free (they’re both plastic), they are made from petroleum, which is a fossil fuel. While this is still used as a leather substitute by vegans, there are now better vegan options out there, including ones that are more sustainable.

Growing more common in the vegan leather world are a number of plant-based alternatives. These include using pineapple fibers and leaves, apple peel, cactus, cork, grape skins, mycelium, corn and yeast.

Additionally, there are now cultivated leather options too. However, while no animals were harmed in the making of this type of jacket, so they’re cruelty-free, they do use animal products. This is because cultivated leather is made from cow cells growing in a lab, which grow to mimic cowhide. The fact that the leather is created in a lab means that one of the major drawbacks of real leather can be avoided. The tanning process is used to make real leather. This process is very damaging to the environment, so using cultivated leather avoids this damage. Though not vegan, it’s still a huge step in the right direction and an option to consider.

Finally, many brands also use recycled plastic. Repurposing plastic is a great way to prevent it from entering landfill sites and prolonging its shelf-life.

Will vegan leather jackets last as long as animal leather?

Typically, vegan leather jackets are less durable than animal leather jackets. Of course, this does depend on the quality of the vegan leather. Like animal leather, it can come in a range of quality levels. Top-quality vegan leather has come a long way, and it can be difficult to tell the difference between faux leather and real leather. 

However, vegan leather does tend to be thinner than real leather. This means that it is more susceptible to rips, tears and scuffs when being used. It’s also not as supple and stretchy as animal leather, which is another reason why it can tear. You may find that you have to replace your vegan leather jackets more often than if they were real leather.


These days it’s easy to look stylish in a vegan leather jacket. You don’t even have to be stuck with a specific style. There are a growing number of brands with different vegan leather jackets for both men and women out there. And, the types of vegan leathers are improving too.

No matter whether you pick an apple peel jacket or a pineapple leaf leather one, you can be sure that the jacket is vegan and eco-friendly. Take a look at our top vegan leather jackets and find the perfect one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can clean or wash vegan leather jackets in cold to warm water. Use a gentle soap to do this. However, it is important to be aware that warm water could cause shrinkage. It's, therefore, better to hand-wash in cold water and then let the jacket air dry rather than using a washing machine cycle. Using a microfibre cloth you can remove excess water to speed up the drying process.

Leather jackets, be they vegan or animal, are one of the easiest items to style. As a wardrobe staple, it's all about classic looks. Really though, the way you style it is up to you and your own personal aesthetic. You can go classic with a white T-shirt and jeans for the rocker vibe. Or, pair it with a flowery dress and chunky boots for summer chic. The choice is yours.


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