Best Vegan Eyeshadow Palette 2024 — Cruelty-free blending made easy

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Are you looking for an easy-to-blend palette, or bold colors for a night out? Here, we’re going to look at all the best vegan eyeshadow palettes that offer subtle to bold looks.

Best vegan eyeshadow picks

Many eyeshadows still use animal products or test on animals. However, there are a growing number of brands that are vegan and cruelty-free. We’re going to take a look at a range of different vegan eyeshadows. If you’re looking for subtle nude looks, we’ve got you covered. From daily use to a night out, there’s something here for you.

We’ve also taken a look at powders, sticks, liquids, and compacts so that you can find a vegan eyeshadow that matches your application style. Take a look as we go through the best vegan eyeshadow options in this guide.

Taking a more detailed look into these vegan eyeshadows

Pacifica PINK NUDES Mineral Eyeshadows — Best for Daily Use

1. Pacifica PINK NUDES Mineral Eyeshadows — Best for Daily Use


This is a great everyday option and contains 10 coconut-infused different nude, easy-to-wear shades. The colors are all highly pigmented and have a velvet finish after they’ve been applied. They’re fully vegan and cruelty-free too. The only downside to this palette is that some of the nude tones don’t work on all skin tones. They are super blendable though, and you can do this with a finger or a brush.

Urban Decay Naked3 mini — Best Overall Palette

2. Urban Decay Naked3 mini — Best Overall Palette


Tread carefully here, because the Urban Decay Naked 3 is not vegan, but the Naked3 Mini eyeshadow palette is! This palette contains high-pigment colors that can be applied very smoothly. And, they blend well for an even finish. They can last up to 12 hours when used with a primer. These eyeshadows are great for everyday use and can match a variety of skin tones. Additionally, these shadows are great individually too, not just in combination.

KVD Beauty Dazzle Vegan Eyeshadow — Best Stick

3. KVD Beauty Dazzle Vegan Eyeshadow — Best Stick


If you’re looking for a top-quality eyeshadow stick, then look no further. This is a great option if you want a quick, high-impact result. It’s great for nights out and has some really stunning copper, sterling, and pearl tones. The eyeshadow is creamy for a great, smooth application. It also has a fun sparkly finish. But, it’s not that blendable. Made of vegan glycerin and carnauba wax, this is also a strong option if you’ve got aging skin as it has a cooling sensation on the lids and hydrates them.

Urban Decay 24 7 Shadow — Best Singles

4. Urban Decay 24 7 Shadow — Best Singles


This brand has some of the best singles out there. They’re all vegan and cruelty-free and available in a range of exciting matte shades. There is even glitter in them for extra shine. All the shades come highly pigmented and are very creamy making them extremely blendable. However, they’re not the longest-wearing eye shadow. That being said, there are 25 shades to choose from and there is no fallout after application.

VIEVE The Essential Eyeshadow Palette — Best Professional

5. VIEVE The Essential Eyeshadow Palette — Best Professional


This is a top vegan eyeshadow if you want to have a professional look. It’s got ten highly pigmented eyeshadows. These are neutral shades which make them buildable. They’re great for both everyday looks as well as going for an experimental take. These are all more natural shades too. They include gold shimmers, nudes, champagne, and black mattes for the best, all-around collection. They’re all creamy and blendable for a combined look, or to simply use on their own. They do contain talc though.

Urban Decay Naked Sin Mini Eyeshadow — Best Compact

6. Urban Decay Naked Sin Mini Eyeshadow — Best Compact


For a quick, easy-access palette, this is the one. It’s got just six hues for your eyes, but this is more than enough. The Naked Sin Mini has new richly pigmented textures and finishes, but this still suits a wide range of complexions from fair, and olive, to darker tones. It’s also very versatile. The palette uses the brand’s patented Pigment Infusion System to blend natural ingredients to give rich shades with a velvety texture. The palette itself is in a sleek, compact case with a suedette feel. But, don’t worry, the case may be compact, but the colors are full on!

e.l.f Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow — Best Liquid

7. e.l.f Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow — Best Liquid


Fully vegan, this brand has a whole range of eyeshadows, but we’ve picked their liquid eyeshadow as our top choice. This vegan liquid eyeshadow dries quickly, lasts a long time, and has a gel base. It’s also infused with glitter to give it some extra shimmer. Better still, this eyeshadow liquid is carefully formulated to make it very comfortable and to reduce fall out as much as possible. If you’re really ready to go for that all-out disco queen look, then this is the liquid for you. It can also be topped with other sparkling shadows from here. With eight shades to choose from, you’ve got a lot to get started with.

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise — Best Cream

8. Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise — Best Cream


This is a top vegan eyeshadow cream. It offers a range of stunning shades and is very smooth for an easily blendable application. Better still, it’s got vegan glycerin, which helps to moisturize, so it’s great if you have dry skin. The finish is a soft shimmer that doesn’t crease easily. It’s also got added protection as it has SPF30 rather than 15. It’s very fast to apply, but it’s not quite as high-impact in reality as some of the advertising shows.

Ciate London Trend Palette Bronzed — Best Shimmer

9. Ciate London Trend Palette Bronzed — Best Shimmer


This palette is all about shimmer. It’s a versatile bronze set of eyeshadows designed to match a range of complexions. It’s got both warm and cool tones in brown, bronze, and gold. Yes, you can go from day to night in an instant with this shimmer palette. It’s also super convenient and features a large mirror in the compact palette too.

VIEVE The Ninetease Palette — Best for a 90’s Look

10. VIEVE The Ninetease Palette — Best for a 90’s Look


If you want bright and flamboyant, this is for you. The palette has ten different shades and is all about throwing you back to the 90s and that supermodel looks. All the shades are richly pigmented so that you can blend and build up all the colors for that perfect 90s look. It’s also possible to remain a bit understated here too as there are matte finishes as well. The downside is that there are complaints that the shadows can be dry with a lot of fallout, and they don’t sit well on the lid.

What makes eyeshadow vegan?

For the most part, eyeshadow is actually not vegan. This is because it contains animal-derived ingredients. These can include carmine (beetles), guanine (fish scales), squalene (shark liver oil), glycerine, tallow or stearic acid (animal fat), and caprylic acid (milk). In addition to this, many eyeshadows are also still tested on animals.

For an eyeshadow to be vegan, none of these ingredients can be present. Instead, they must be replaced by plant-based ingredients. Additionally, the product cannot be tested on animals. You can easily check if an eyeshadow is vegan by looking for a logo from the Vegan Society, PETA, or the Leaping Bunny.

Who are the best vegan eyeshadow brands?

There are a number of excellent vegan eyeshadow brands. However, the best one does depend on your preferences. If you want a budget option, then e.l.f. is the way to go. However, KVD is great for bold colors and stick eyeshadows. Other brands such as Charlotte Tilbury offer a range of more luxe options while VIEVE is a go-to choice for anyone who wants a more professional look. Other top brands include Rare Beauty, Lime Crime, Athr Beauty, and Pacifica Beauty.

Whatever you are looking for, there’s a vegan eyeshadow for you.

What is the best vegan eyeshadow?

The best vegan eyeshadow is one that contains only natural ingredients and is not tested on animals. Each of us is different though, so you’ll need to look at all the options listed here to find the best one for you.


Eyeshadow is a great way to make a statement, show your mood, or simply express yourself. As we’ve outlined, there are a number of top vegan eyeshadow options available to you.

So, no matter whether you’re looking for a single, a palette, powder, or cream, we’ve got you covered. Choose the perfect vegan eyeshadow from our list, and check back with us to see which new brands bring vegan eyeshadows to the table.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are a growing number of beauty brands that are vegan and cruelty-free. Some of the top ones include 100% Pure, e.l.f., Too Faced, and Lush, to name a few. There are hundreds more.

Yes, Charlotte Tilbury is 100% cruelty-free and certified by the Leaping Bunny.

No, Maybelline is not cruelty-free as its products are sold to China. While the brand itself does not test on animals, it allows third-party testing where governments require it, so it can't claim it's cruelty-free. This also means it's not a vegan brand.

No, Clinique still sells some products that contain animal ingredients though there are vegan options. The company still allows testing on animals though, so it's not cruelty-free.

Victoria Beckham makeup is cruelty-free, but it's not fully vegan. Most products are, but some still contain animal products or derivatives.

No, L'Oréal allows testing on animals, so it's not cruelty-free or vegan.

Yes, all Liz Earle products are cruelty-free and certified by the Leaping Bunny program.

Sally Hansen is cruelty-free, but it's not vegan.

No, Marc Jacobs is not cruelty-free or vegan as its products are still sold to China which means animal testing is required.

No, Estee Lauder has a vegan line, but many of the other products contain animal products or derivatives.

Yes, Estee Lauder does not test on animals and has not done so for more than 30 years.

No, Primark Beauty is not vegan, but it is certified cruelty-free.

No, not everything from NYX is vegan. They are completely cruelty-free though and certified by PETA.


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