Best Vegan Doc Martens 2024 — Synthetic Leather Alternative of the Classic

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Doc Martens are a popular fashion statement but are traditionally made from animal leather. However, this rebellious brand has made a move to favor vegans. Now, there is an impressive range of vegan Doc Martens available, so the brand is available to even more people.

Best Vegan Dr Marten picks

If you want to look stylish, but also want to do so in an ethical way, then Doc Marten is making that possible. Now, most of their classic boots and shoes are available in their stunning vegan range. You can find everything from the classic 1460 (for both men and women), right through to Chelsea boots, sandals, ankle boots, and Oxford shoes.

However, it is important to point out that while Doc Marten is offering vegan alternatives, the brand itself is still not vegan. The animal leather line of its shoes and boots is still available. That being said, this is a really great move by such a popular brand, and one we really love.

With that in mind, take a look at some of the most popular vegan Doc Martens out there right now!

Taking a more detailed look into Doc Marten options


1. 1460 Vegan Lace Up Boots


This is the Doc Marten classic that everyone knows and loves. Available for both men and women, there is now a vegan version. These boots come in either cherry red or matte black. They’re made from durable vegan leather, which doesn’t require much time to break in. Additionally, they have the AirWair soles so that they offer supreme foot comfort. However, they are expensive.


2. 1461 Felix Vegan Oxford Shoes


A great women’s and unisex shoe, this popular option is ideal for formal or office wear while still retaining that stylish vibe. Not only do they retain the distinctive yellow stitching, but they’re also very comfortable thanks to the air-cushioned sole. In fact, when it comes to dress shoes, these are some of the best. They’ve got great functionality too as they’re resistant to abrasion and prevent slipping. Make sure you check sizes as these shoes run true to size but like all Docs are a wider fit.


3. Jadon II Mono Vegan Platform Boots


When it comes to platform boots, the Jadon II is an exciting badass option for you. This model is actually a reimagining of the classic 1460, just with a 1.5-inch platform. In vegan form, this boot comes with uppers in high shine Oxford Rub Off or shine-free Felix Rub Off. The vegan leather is supple, with two-tone color. They’re also heat-sealed, which means they’re long-lasting. Not only that, these boots have great tread, abrasion-resistant soles, fast break-in, and more. However, they are expensive.


4. 1460 Bex Mono Vegan Lace Up Boots


Another classic style has gone vegan. These 8-eye work boots use the elevated Bex sole, which gives them a little more attitude. They’re just like the 1460 boots but made with no animal products. These boots are available in Felix Rub Off for a strong matte finish. However, unlike the animal leather version of these boots, which come in black or white, they only come in black, and they are rather pricey.


5. Sinclair Vegan Platform Boots


This hugely popular style is now available in vegan materials due to increased demand. It’s been made out of the Oxford material so that this has a high-shine finish. It has got the Bex sole giving you that extra height when you walk. Not only that but it’s finished with the iconic yellow stitching and is tough and durable. The boot has adjustable straps and comes in a variety of different sizes. However, this is one of the more pricier options. It’s also worth mentioning that these shoes are all manufactured in the UK so there will be a carbon footprint from purchasing.


6. 101 Felix Vegan Ankle Boots


For a low-ankle boot, the 101 Felix is the best option. They’re a fun twist on the standard Doc Marten classic. Similar to other models, they use the Goodyear welt, so the sole doesn’t separate. They also come in various colors, not just black but cherry red as well. However, just like some of the other models, this boot actually runs a bit large.


7. Adrian Felix Vegan Tassel Loafers


This subcultural classic has had its vegan makeover. For men everywhere looking for a stylish slip-on, this is the vegan option you’ve all been waiting for. Made from Felix Rub Off, this synthetic leather has no animal products at all. It’s got a double tassel, kiltie fringe, and the yellow stitching for that iconic look. Initially, this model began production in the 70s and has since grown into a classic. These shoes are very comfortable and come with the AirWair sole for comfort and DMS tread pattern for that unique look.


8. Vegan Doc Marten Sandals


For a more summery feel, the vegan Doc Marten sandals are a great option. They’re available both for women and in a unisex style. These shoes are super stylish and have the Ziggy sole for extra comfort. Arch support is provided too, and the buckles are fully adjustable. While they’re great if it’s hot out, they are a little on the expensive side.


9. 2976 Vegan Chelsea Boot


Again, this is a twist on the popular classic. They use an easy slip-on Chelsea boot design. As with other Doc Martens, they use a two-tone synthetic leather and are slip and abrasion-resistant when it comes to the soles. Excitingly, due to the slip-on nature of the boots, they’re actually very fast to break in too. Finally, they have the AirWair air-cushioned soles. The only factor to be aware of is that the sizes do run large.


10. 8065 Felix Vegan Mary Jane Shoes


This 90s shoe is now available in vegan materials. It’s made from Doc Marten’s Felix Rub Off, which is known for being tough and versatile. The shoe itself has two straps for a more modern take on this classic design. Both are adjustable and fitted with antique gold buckles. These shoes have some of the most flexible soles out there and use the traditional DMS tread pattern to ensure they’ve got stability as well as comfort. While these are vegan, all materials used are plastic synthetics or PVC, which do still have an impact on the environment.

ot out, they are a little on the expensive side.

Are Vegan Doc Martens Good?

Yes, as you might expect from this top-quality brand, vegan Doc Martens are good. They last a long time, and, in some cases, are touted as being better than leather Doc Martens. These shoes last at least five years with proper care, though they will need to be broken in just like animal leather Doc Martens.

What are Vegan Dr Martens made from?

Vegan Doc Martens are made from vegan-friendly synthetic material. There are no animal byproducts. However, it is not exactly clear what type of synthetic leather is used. It’s likely that it is all plastic-based. Doc Marten has actually created its own special vegan leathers and there are four different types.

Felix Rub Off is a matte black material. It’s durable, and the initial go-to option for most classic Doc Marten boots.

Oxford is a high-shine version. It’s also tough but gives that glossy finish that many love in Doc Martens.

Oxford Brush, like Oxford, is high-shine. However, this one is not black like Oxford, but bright red with a two-tone finish.

Gloss Pull Up is the contrast color. It also has a two-tone effect and a glossy finish.

Are Vegan Doc Martens easy to break in?

Yes! In fact, vegan Doc Martens are typically even easier to break in than animal leather ones. To do this, all you need to do is remove them from the box and then stuff newspaper inside them. You can also simply double up your socks and wear them inside for a few days to let the leather loosen up a little to fit your foot.

Are Vegan Doc Martens waterproof?

Yes, vegan Doc Martens are waterproof. They are made of synthetic leather, which can withstand heavy rain. They’re not great to go swimming in, but can be worn through puddles or getting splashed.

Are Vegan Doc Martens comfortable?

Yes, they are. However, at the beginning, vegan and animal leather Doc Martens can be a bit tight. You will need to break them in for them to fit your feet properly. Once you’ve done that then vegan Doc Martens are very comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. It’s part of their popularity.


One of the first big brands to begin the transition to vegan products, Doc Marten now offers an extensive range of vegan shoes and boots. In fact, almost the entire collection now has a vegan alternative.

Okay, so the brand itself still isn’t vegan as the animal leather range is still available. But this is a huge step. Doc Marten has taken many steps to ensure that its vegan range looks and feels just like its classic original boots and shoes too. You’re never going to know the difference, except for that different color loop at the back.

Take a look at all the different vegan Doc Martens and choose a style that suits you.


While there is an excellent Doc Martens vegan range, most of the products from this brand are still made of leather. As such, they are not a vegan company. However, the vegan line is, so it’s up to you whether you are comfortable or not shopping here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many of the vegan Doc Martens such as the Jadon, Chelsea boots or 1460 have a larger fit. Typically, you will need to go down a half or even a full size to what you usually wear for sneakers.

Vegan Doc Martens can last anywhere from five to 20 years. The length of time they last is dependent on how you care for the sole and vegan leather.

Yes, vegan leather shoes will get softer with wear. But, this is just the same as animal leather shoes. However, if your vegan shoes are a bit tight, you can stretch them a little, but it's not recommended that you overstretch vegan leather.

To check if Doc Martens are vegan, simply look in the loop at the back of the shoe. If it's a bright yellow, they're animal leather. If it’s a cream color, then the shoes are vegan.


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