The 12 Best Vegan B12 Supplements 2024 - All You Need To Know

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Vitamin B12 usually comes up as the main deficiency concern of a plant-based diet as the most common source of B12 is animal products.

Symptoms can include fatigue, headaches, depression, and reduced mental function, and severe cases can lead to permanent damage to the nervous system.

If you are suffering from these symptoms, always consult your doctor. Supervised treatment may be required, and these symptoms are not specific to B12 deficiency.

In the meantime, preventative supplements are simple to find and easy on the wallet. Check out our picks for the best vegan B12 supplements on the market.

Taking a more detailed look at these Vegan B12 Supplements

WeightWorld Vitamin B12 1000mcg

1. WeightWorld Vitamin B12 1000mcg


WeightWorld’s high-strength B12 supplements are one of the cheapest tablet options on our list. Each 1000mcg tablet works out at around $0.05.

They come in containers of 400 tablets, meaning you are covered well beyond a year’s supply. WeightWorld also has an option to multibuy up to 3 containers. You will receive 10% off by purchasing a second container, and a further 10% off of your third if they are purchased together.

Nutravita Vitamin B12 1000mcg

2. Nutravita Vitamin B12 1000mcg


Nutravita’s B12 also comes in a year’s supply (although you aren’t covered for the leap year!), despite coming in this time at a slightly more expensive $0.06 per tablet they are still very affordable. The tablets themselves are a circular easy-to-swallow design which is also shown on their website. They feature the least extra ingredients of our high-strength tablet-form picks.

Vegan Vitality Multivitamins & Minerals with High Strength Vitamin B12

3. Vegan Vitality Multivitamins & Minerals with High Strength Vitamin B12


If you are looking for a multivitamin that emphasizes B12 then this is your pick. Although you should attempt to meet your micronutrient needs through food, this tablet gives you peace of mind that all bases are covered. A price of $0.10 per tablet remains very affordable as it provides more micro-nutritional benefits than B12 alone. VeganVitality is also a vegan brand committed to vegan causes.

YRHealth Vitamin B12 with Folic Acid & Black Pepper

4. YRHealth Vitamin B12 with Folic Acid & Black Pepper


A slighter higher 1500 mcg of B12 than our other high-strength table picks comes in at $0.08  per tablet. YRHealth also includes Folic Acid in their supplement, which works alongside B12 to maintain red blood cell levels and create DNA, as well as Black Pepper which helps with absorption of the nutrients. YRHealth only produces Vegan Society-approved supplements.

Live Conscious Vegan B12 Supplement Maximum Strength

5. Live Conscious Vegan B12 Supplement Maximum Strength


Livewell Vegan B12 supplement comes in a liquid form, which is easier for those who struggle to swallow tablets. It also allowed for more control over your dosage per your needs as recommended by a healthcare professional. The price of $0.39 per 5000 mcg dose makes for a more luxury option, but multibuy options are available with a possible 20% in savings. It has also been suggested that liquid drops of b12 are best for the absorption of B12.

Solgar – Vitamin B12 1000 mcg Chewable Nuggets

6. Solgar – Vitamin B12 1000 mcg Chewable Nuggets


Solgar’s Vegan B12 chewable nuggets are designed to melt under the tongue similarly to liquid drops, a good choice for those who struggle with swallowing tablets and prefer the rigidity of a controlled dose. At $0.24 per 1000mcg dose, they make for a more affordable option for chewable and sublingual (administered under the tongue) forms of B12. Solgar also offers a great subscription service which will result in savings of 15%.

Nature Provides B12 Liquid Vitamin Drops 3000 mcg

7. Nature Provides B12 Liquid Vitamin Drops 3000 mcg


Nature Provides’ B12 liquid drops feature two forms of B12. Most of this list uses Methylcobalamin, whilst these drops also contain Adenosylcobalamin. Some people struggle to process different forms of B12, so these drops have you covered. With the only other ingredient being reverse osmosis filtered water, Nature Provides claims that these drops are as effective as a B12 injection. They are slightly more expensive than our other picks at $0.58 per day, but $2.50 can be saved with a subscription. The amount of drops used can be reduced as your needs require.

Wild Nutrition Food-Grown® Vitamin B12 Plus

8. Wild Nutrition Food-Grown® Vitamin B12 Plus


Wild Nutrition claims that their Food-Grown Vegan B12 supplement is found to be significantly better absorbed and has a greater systemic effect than synthetic Vitamin B12. As their B12 is made from food they do not have to be taken with food. These tablets contain B12 in the 2 forms of methylcobalamin and deoxyadenosylcobalamin. Wild Nutrition offers a subscription service that provides a 20% discount. They also help combat waste by providing a glass jar on your first order after which refills are sent in recyclable packaging.

Zipvit Vitamin B12 Tablets High Strength

9. Zipvit Vitamin B12 Tablets High Strength


Zipvit’s vegan B12 Supplement is a very affordable option costing just £0.05 per 1100 mcg tablet and provides 360 tablets in each container. The Vegetarian Society approves this product as vegan. This product is often discounted. If you catch a discount it becomes the cheapest option on the list.

Omvits Vegan Vitamin B12

10. Omvits Vegan Vitamin B12


Omvits B12 supplement comes in 100% plastic-free, biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable packaging, making it perfect for those that are environmentally conscious. Omvits proudly display its association with The Vegan Society and its dedication to sustainability. If you prefer to give your money to companies that can be trusted and promote ethical consumption then this is your choice. These B12 cost only $0.08 per tablet, making them a sustainable choice for your pockets too

SBR Nutrition Extra Strength Vitamin B12 Sublingual Liquid Drops

11. SBR Nutrition Extra Strength Vitamin B12 Sublingual Liquid Drops


This is the highest concentration of B12 that is featured on our list. The liquid form allows for control over the dosage of this supplement. This product is offered as an energy booster as opposed to a health-based long-term supplement, hence the high concentration. This may apply to certain individuals or those that have been recommended a high dose under medical supervision. At $0.34 per dose, this is the cheapest of the liquid drop options that we have looked at.

Balance Vitamin B12 Liquid Drops High Strength

12. Balance Vitamin B12 Liquid Drops High Strength


Balance’s B12 liquid drops are similar to Nature Provide’s B12 drops in dosage and their forms of B12, but feature a gentle berry flavor and come in slightly cheaper at $0.39 per recommended dose. However, this along with other ingredients means it features more ingredients than Nature Provides. Balance also offers a subscription service that provides 20% savings.

What is Vitamin B12?

B12 is a vitamin that is required by animals (including humans) to form red blood cells and develop DNA and has a key responsibility in brain and nerve cell development and fulfillment. When we eat proteins, our digestive system unbinds B12 and then goes on to be used in our bodies, which isn’t fully efficient. With supplementing, we are using the pure form of B12 and our system has an easier time absorbing the vitamin.

Aside from eating animals, humans and animals would naturally obtain Vitamin B12 by ingesting cobalt from dirt when eating plant food such as vegetables and, in the case of grazing animals, grass. There would also be levels of it in our natural water supplies. 

In today’s world with everything having to be cleaned, B12 isn’t as available to us so naturally. Even for herbivorous farm animals who get the opportunity to graze, most soil is cobalt deficient and therefore leads to the need of supplementing livestock with B12. With factory farming, which makes up the mass majority of our animal-based food supply, they don’t ever get the opportunity to naturally create B12 in their system, so supplementing them is a necessity. So by extension, we are most likely eating supplemented animal-based food.

Which form of B12 is best?

Unless you are severely deficient and in need of B12 replacement therapy, such as injections straight into your muscle, oral supplements are widely available. It has been argued that putting a liquid form of B12 under your tongue is more effective than a tablet form, but in reality, there seems to be no evidence as to which is more effective. 

It is down to preference in which way you would prefer to ingest your supplement. For example, taking tablets might not be easy, so a liquid form would be more suitable.

Some people may have trouble processing certain forms of B12 itself which can be diagnosed by a doctor. We have noted where the supplements in our list contain alternative forms of B12 to the standard Methylcobalamin if this applies to you.

How much B12 should a vegan take daily?

Depending on the authority, an adult should be having 1.5-2.5 mcg of B12 daily. This amount can increase slightly if a person is pregnant. It’s not unlikely that somebody who does eat animal products still might not be having sufficient B12 intake.

Some studies suggest that having too much B12 can be detrimental, but sticking to 2 – 2.5 mcg a day would be airing on the side of caution. As always, consult your doctor if you have any concerns. Just be sure to include any fortified foods such as plant-based milks.

How do I know I have a B12 deficiency?

Without sufficient B12 you could experience a range of symptoms such as low energy and tiredness, headaches, feeling weak, impaired vision, soreness, and/or redness of the tongue. Psychological issues can also arise such as depression, forgetfulness, and confusion.

What is the most common cause of B12 deficiency?

Somebody switching to a vegan diet may experience a drop in B12 in their diet as they have chosen to no longer consume dairy, eggs, and meat. Animals will develop a level of B12 in their body over their lifetime and when digested, B12 is absorbed. Many livestock animals are supplemented with B12 as their feeding environments and conditions don’t naturally allow consumption.

What is the best vitamin B12 to take for vegans?

Luckily, many vegan B12 supplements are widely available. It’s only down to preference in what form you would like to consume your supplements; whether you prefer just swallowing a tablet or using a liquid form. We have included more specific details in our product rundown above.

There is also the option to have a B12 injection. However, this is in cases of more severe deficiency and is something you would discuss and organize with your doctor if you feel you are experiencing symptoms.

Is taking vegan B12 effective?

Yes, taking raw vitamin B12 is effective because of its high bioavailability, meaning how easily your body can access a nutrient. Even people who continue to consume animal products would also benefit from a B12 supplement.

How long after starting vitamin B12 will I feel the benefits?

If you require a vitamin B12 supplement, then the benefits may take a few weeks to take effect if you are taking it in the oral form. The effects of an injection would take a few days to make a notable difference.

What time is it best to take vitamin B12?

B12 is best taken on an empty stomach. Advice on the time of the day that B12 should be taken varies. We recommend that you refer to the directions included with the B12 supplement that you decide to use.

How to get vitamin B12 naturally as a vegan?

Today’s standard of cleanliness means that you are most likely not going to B12 naturally from sources like natural water and soil like our ancestors might have got a portion of theirs from. If a vegetable does contain any B12, then it’s usually only trace amounts. The vegan food naturally containing B12 is Nori sheets.

Even though it may not be classed as natural, many vegan products such as plant milk, nutritional yeast and vegan cheeses will be fortified with nutrients such as Vitamin B12.

How did we choose these products?

From a mixture of trying products ourselves, and from gathering opinions from vegans taking B12 supplements, we believe we have built a good list with enough different options for the best vegan b12 supplement.


The question of whether you can get enough vitamin B12 on a vegan diet is probably one of the most commonly asked nutritional questions regarding a plant-based diet. The idea that there may be a required supplement if you abstain from animal products can be enough to put some people off, as they may be concerned with how valid such a diet can be if something cannot be obtained naturally.

However many livestock animals are supplemented (as far as we know, pretty much all chicken feed and other commercial feed contains B12), so in that sense, it’s no different from taking a supplement ourselves. In fact, most of the world’s B12 production (some sources say 90%) is for livestock.

It may even be that if you eat animal products, you still need a vitamin B12 supplement.

Whatever the case may be, we should not be concerned about taking a supplement such as B12, as a lack of it can lead to several nasty symptoms. Sometimes leading to permanent damage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The advice on how much B12 to take ranges from 1.5-2.5 mcg a day. Unless you are undergoing replacement therapy, 1000mcg is very likely too much but shouldn’t cause any harm.

First a discussion with your doctor, which then may lead to a B12 injection.

Food and drink such as alcohol, caffeine, and processed food can interfere with the body’s intake of B12.

Fruits only have trace amounts of vitamin B12 and shouldn’t be relied upon for a sufficient amount.

In some countries, the most common cause is pernicious anemia. This is where your immune system attacks healthy red blood cells and prevents B12 from being absorbed.

A lack of healthy red blood cells in your stomach prevents your body from absorbing B12 from food.

Vitamin B12 is needed to form red blood cells and DNA. Without or lack of it can also lead to impairment of brain and nerve cell function.


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