Best Vegan Foundation 2024 — For Every Budget and Desired Finish

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It’s time to get beautiful, flawless skin with a stunning finish, but without using animals to do so. Now, there is a range of vegan foundation options available.

Best Vegan Foundation Picks

With vegan foundation now an option, let’s take a look at the different types available. If you want something lightweight with a sheer tint, or full coverage that’s long-lasting, there are options for you here.

While traditional foundations contain animal products such as tallow, carmine, animal glycerin, and stearic acid, vegan foundation does not. Instead, these vegan options contain natural ingredients that are all plant-based.

Here, we take a look at the different vegan foundations. These include everything from creams, and powders to serums. Take a look now and find your perfect match!

Taking a more detailed look into these vegan foundations

Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation

1. Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation


This foundation is infused with ingredients for optimal skincare. It is designed to actually improve the look of your skin each time you apply it. It’s got a 16-hour longevity, and it offers a natural glow with medium coverage. Additionally, it helps to hydrate, smoothen, brighten skin, and smooth out pores.

Zoeva Authentik Skin Foundation

2. Zoeva Authentik Skin Foundation


If you’re finding it really hard to find a foundation that matches your skin tone, then this vegan foundation is here to help you out. This has an impressive color wheel that has 44 different shades. It’s also very lightweight, so you’re not going to feel it on your skin. The foundation is buildable, so it’s flexible to your needs. And, it’s made to work on all shades of skin and undertones allowing everyone to find their perfect match.

LYS Beauty Triple Fix Serum Foundation

3. LYS Beauty Triple Fix Serum Foundation


This vegan foundation contains a formula that really cares for your skin as well as being a great foundation. It is very clean in the way it feels. Additionally, it’s infused with a serum foundation to give you light to medium coverage. It’s buildable too so that you can reach the required coverage comfortably.

e.l.f Flawless Satin Foundation

4. e.l.f Flawless Satin Foundation


When it comes to budget vegan foundation, e.l.f. is the go-to brand. This isn’t a glowy foundation, rather it’s one that gives a soft satin finish. The formula is designed to hydrate, which means it’s a really good option if you suffer from drier skin. It’s also not greasy either, which is a great feature. The foundation blends seamlessly too, so you’re not going to have any unsightly lines or bumps. Impressively, there are 40 shades here, so you’re definitely going to find your match. It’s also got plant-based glycerin to help hydrate your skin.

Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation

5. Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation


This brand has a massive selection of vegan products and their lightweight foundation is one of them. It gives medium coverage in a single application. Better still, it’s buildable and doesn’t look cakey when you do this. It’s really great for keeping a natural look where your skin simply just looks better.

Anastasia Luminous Foundation

6. Anastasia Luminous Foundation


For a luminous finish, this is the one to try. It’s a glowy foundation that’s still somehow incredibly light. Even so, it offers medium coverage to keep your skin looking as smooth as possible. It covers blemishes easily and gives your skin the look of nothing being on it.

NYX Total Control Pro Drop Foundation

7. NYX Total Control Pro Drop Foundation


This is a velvety soft foundation that has a matte finish. It’s designed to give you full coverage control so that you can do sheer or full with ease. If you’re wanting a strong base for any occasion, this is where to start.

ILIA True Skin Serum Foundation

8. ILIA True Skin Serum Foundation


This is a great formula if you’re looking for that perfect match for your skin. The base is great here, and it gives medium coverage. The pigmentation isn’t super strong, but it’s enough to give you full cover. It’s got a radiant finish so that you’re not going to look like you’re wearing a mask after you’ve applied it. Better still, it’s got a variety of hydrating plant-based ingredients to keep your skin cared for. In fact, if you want to knock years off your life, then this is the one as it minimizes pores and gives you a more youthful complexion. The only downside is that it can get flaky when it’s dry.

KVD Good Apple Full-Coverage Transfer-Proof Serum Foundation

9. KVD Good Apple Full-Coverage Transfer-Proof Serum Foundation


This is an excellent option if you need full coverage makeup. It still offers a natural finish but this is coupled with transfer-proof long-lasting wear. As this is a serum, it has a lightweight feel to it. And, it’s a great option for combo, oily, or acne-prone skin. It can cover everything including blurring pores to great effect. Shine is controlled, and it can withstand heat and sweat. Remember though, choose your serum based on the dry swatch, not the wet!

Too Faced Born This Way Flawless Coverage Natural Finish Foundation

10. Too Faced Born This Way Flawless Coverage Natural Finish Foundation


This is a non-shimmer formula that gives you a more skin-like result. It gives you a more natural radiance and this is partly because it uses natural, hydrating ingredients such as coconut water and hyaluronic acid to keep this foundation oil-free. It has enough pigment to cover all blemishes though, and keeps those moisture levels high. With no flashback, this is a great option for everyday use. However, some have said even with no oil, it’s a bit greasy.

What is a vegan foundation?

Vegan foundation is a foundation that does not contain any animal products or derivatives in its ingredients.

What to look for in a vegan foundation?

You should always check that it has the vegan certified or registered logo and that it is cruelty-free. Some brands have vegan lines, so you also need to know which animal ingredients to avoid.

Ingredients such as beeswax, animal-based glycerin, carmine, and stearic acid, must be avoided when searching for a vegan foundation. Instead, look for plant-based waxes, plant-based glycerin, and mica for color.

What brands make the best vegan foundation?

There are a number of top brands when it comes to vegan foundations. The very best does depend on what you’re looking for in a foundation. That being said, e.l.f. is a strong contender for the best vegan foundation as it’s budget-friendly while still offering a top-quality product.

Are cruelty-free cosmetics vegan?

No, not always. Cruelty-free means that the product is not tested on animals in any way. However, it may still contain animal products or by-products such as beeswax, lanolin, or carmine. For a cosmetic product to be vegan, there can’t be any animal products as part of the ingredients.

So, while a product can be cruelty-free but not vegan, it can never be vegan but not cruelty-free. The only way a brand is 100% vegan is if it’s cruelty-free and contains no animal products of any kind.

How is cruelty-free makeup tested?

Traditionally, makeup has been tested on animals. Now, there are better laws and welfare regulations in place, which mean that this is not possible in many places. Better still, more and more consumers are demanding cruelty-free products.

So, if they’re not able to test on animals, how do makeup or beauty companies check their products are safe for humans?

Well, quite often they simply engage in more extensive research to ensure that what they are creating is already safe. Additionally, they may simply test the raw ingredients only. Finally, in some cases, makeup is tested on human volunteers instead.


And there you have it. There is a great selection of different vegan foundations to choose from. Whether you want light or full coverage there is something for everyone. Creams, powders, and serums, we’ve got you covered — literally!

So, choose one of these high-quality vegan foundations and see if you can get that flawless skin you’ve always wanted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many foundations are vegan including e.l.f., Anastasia Beverly Hills, ILIA, LYS, Kosas, Charlotte Tilbury, NYX, and Urban Decay.

Yes, vegan foundation is good for acne-prone skin. This is because vegan foundations are better suited for sensitive skin as the ingredients are natural and less likely to clog pores or cause breakouts than animal-based makeup.

Any vegan foundation found on this page is not tested on animals. To be vegan, no animals can be harmed in the making of the foundation.

One of the most natural-looking vegan foundations is Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation. Another top option is Urban Decay's Stay Naked foundation.

There are a number of beauty brands that are 100% vegan including 100% Pure, e.l.f., Pacifica, Milk Makeup, INIKA, KVD Beauty, and Au Naturale Cosmetics.

No, Charlotte Tilbury is not a vegan, but the brand is.

No, Dior is not vegan as some products do contain animal-based ingredients.

No, NARS is not vegan even though there are some vegan products available. The company still tests on animals.

No, Bobbi Brown is not vegan. Many of their products are tested on animals.

Estee Lauder is not vegan, but it is a cruelty-free brand and has been for more than 30 years.


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