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There is an ever-growing selection of vegan body care products and cosmetics, with options for everything from moisturizers to hygiene.  More and more, 100% vegan brands are now delivering high-quality beauty products, and we are beginning to see established brands label their products as vegan when it is appropriate. We should not have to compromise our ethics to look our best and the industry is starting to agree

However, finding these products presents a challenge, especially if you are shopping in the local drugstore. We scour the market for the best vegan beauty products from many shops and brands to find the best products and make sure you know about them.

What Makes a Beauty Product Vegan?

A product qualifies as vegan when it uses no animal-derived ingredient and is not tested on animals. In recent times brands have begun to mark their products as vegan, but make sure to check their ingredients list. Keep an eye out for official cruelty-free stamps, such as the Leaping Bunny logo, to ensure no animals were harmed in the making of your beauty routine.

Things to Look Out For.

There are a number of non-vegan ingredients that are still commonly used in bodycare products. Many of these products have vegan alternatives, but the packaging of a product may not always distinguish between being from a vegan source and a non-vegan source.

  • Honey – Honey is commonly used in moisturizers, hair care, and other skin-conditioning products. Some vegan alternatives include such as avocado or sweet almond oil.
  • Milk-derived Ingredients – There are a few ingredients that are sourced from dairy, including Lactoperoxidase, Lactose, and Lactic acid.
  • Squalene – Squalene is popular due to its alleged anti-aging properties. Non-vegan squalene is sourced from shark liver oil, whilst plant-based squalane is sourced from olives, wheat, or rice.


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