10 Best Vegan Conditioners 2024 — Keep Your Hair Soft and Smooth

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Keep your hair nourished and healthy with a range of different vegan conditioners. No matter whether you’ve got dry, straight or curly hair, there is a vegan conditioner for you.

Best Vegan Conditioners picks

If you’ve ever found your hair becoming dryer or duller, this is probably because you’re not conditioning it enough, or not using the right products. Vegan conditioners are a great way to ensure that your hair is protected and softened but without using chemical-filled products.

There are a growing number of brands that offer completely natural, vegan products that will protect your hair from damage and even help it look better than before. Better still, there are vegan conditioners available for all hair types. So, let’s take a look at them here.

Taking a more detailed look into these vegan conditioners

Green People Quinoa & Artichoke Conditioner – Best Overall

1. Green People Quinoa & Artichoke Conditioner – Best Overall


Certified by the Vegan Society and PETA, Green People’s conditioner is perfect for those with sensitive skin. It’s great for all hair types and is deeply conditioning, providing a supple finish. Additionally, it smooths down frizz and promotes thicker hair appearance due to the use of eight amino acids. While this is vegan, Green People is not an entirely vegan brand.

Acure Vivacius Volume Conditioner – Best for all hair types

2. Acure Vivacius Volume Conditioner – Best for all hair types


Not only is this brand cruelty-free and vegan, but it’s also palm oil free too. It’s great on a range of different hair types but is especially great for finer, flatter hair. The product is concentrated, so it will last while providing that volumizing boost and shine.

Love Beauty And Planet Coconut Oil & Ylang Ylang – Best for dry hair

3. Love Beauty And Planet Coconut Oil & Ylang Ylang – Best for dry hair


This guilt-free vegan conditioner ticks all the boxes. It’s great for damaged or dry hair and uses Filipino coconut oil and ylang-ylang to nourish and hydrate. The brand is entirely vegan, 100% recyclable, ethically sourced and organic.

Acure Simply Smoothing Conditioner – best for curly/wavy hair

4. Acure Simply Smoothing Conditioner – best for curly/wavy hair


Balancing moisture to prevent frizz is a must for curly or wavy hair. Certified cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny, this Acure conditioner does exactly that. It’s got coconut water and marula oil, both of which provide hydration. The Acai, pomegranate and calendula ingredients boost hair health. There’s also a budget-friendly price tag.

Verb Ghost Conditioner- Best for frizzy hair

5. Verb Ghost Conditioner- Best for frizzy hair


This vegan conditioner is great for fine hair that is weighed down by heavier products. Super lightweight, this product is infused with moringa oil to ensure your hair is protected, smoothed and looking its shiny best. It’s also got UV protection preventing additional damage.

Love Beauty And Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose – Best Plant-Based

6. Love Beauty And Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose – Best Plant-Based


This is a nourishing conditioner that gives strong hydration to any dyed hair. It’s got murumuru butter to protect against harsh chemicals and helps to rebuild damaged strands. There are no parabens or silicones as it’s totally plant-based. And, it’s completely cruelty-free too.

Pureology Hydrate Conditioner – Best for gentle care

7. Pureology Hydrate Conditioner – Best for gentle care


If you’ve dyed your hair, or you have thick hair, this is a great option for you. Its formula of jojoba, green tea, sage, menthol, Vitamin E and sunflower seed is designed to deeply moisturize your hair. The conditioner is also designed to protect your hair from fading and provides long-lasting shine. It’s not recommended for oily hair though.

Olaplex No 5 – Best for colored hair

8. Olaplex No 5 – Best for colored hair


Olaplex is a super strong repairing conditioner for all types of hair. It’s bond rebuilding property repairs hair damage and frizz. It can be used on colored hair and strengthens hair even after a single use. There is a high price tag though.

Curlsmith Weightless Air Dry Cream – Best leave-in

9. Curlsmith Weightless Air Dry Cream – Best leave-in


This great leave-in is ideal for all the curlies out there. It promotes curl patterns and textures while also hydrating the hair without weighing it down and losing the curls. Made with castor oil, babassu, jojoba and Murumuru Butter, it dries quickly leaving no residue.

drybar Liquid Glass Smoothing Conditioner

10. drybar Liquid Glass Smoothing Conditioner


As the name suggests, this is a smoothing conditioner that glides right on. The end result is manageable, soft hair without frizz but plenty of shine. However, while this is vegan (and there are other vegan products too), drybar is not a vegan company. It is cruelty-free though.

How to choose the right conditioner for your hair type

As with any conditioner, you need to consider a range of factors when selecting the best vegan conditioner. For instance, you should consider your hair texture. Fine hair works well with a volumizing conditioner whereas curly hair will need more deep hydration.

You should consider hair health too. If you have colored hair, think about whether your color is fading fast and choose a conditioner that will prevent this. Oily hair means avoiding volumizing products, while dry hair needs moisturizing or balancing products. For very dry or frizzy hair consider repairing conditioners.

What is a vegan conditioner?

Typically, conditioners contain keratin, which is an animal derivative (hooves or hair). In fact, most conditioners can have any number of 20 or so commonly found animal-based ingredients. Many of these types of conditioners also use more harmful chemicals that do your hair more bad than good. Parabens are linked to breast cancer, silicones coat hair follicles and can dry out your scalp. Not so with vegan conditioners.

A vegan conditioner doesn’t contain any of these ingredients. Instead, they contain natural alternatives which tend to be better than the synthetic versions found in conventional conditioners. Additionally, vegan conditioners are cruelty-free and also tend to be environmentally friendly offering recyclable packaging as well.

Are vegan products better for your hair?

Yes, vegan conditioners and products are typically better for your hair. Rather than using animal-based products or chemical ingredients, vegan conditioners tend to use more natural ingredients. As a whole, these natural ingredients tend to be gentler on your hair while still making sure your hair is clean and healthy. Without harsh chemicals such as sulfates or parabens, your hair is able to thrive and grow. Better still, the lack of chemicals means your hair isn’t stripped of its natural oils either.

Does a vegan conditioner work as well as a conventional conditioner?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, they typically work better than a conventional conditioner. This is because they use natural ingredients that help to boost the health of your hair. Rather than silicones which give the illusion of shine, for instance, natural vegan ingredients actually help the hair thrive. Plus, there are typically no harmful side effects or adverse allergic reactions when using vegan conditioners.

On top of that, you won’t be overly scented — strong fragrances are a big problem with many conventional conditioners. Instead, the natural smells from vegan ingredients will come through, rather than the more chemical ones.


No matter whether you have dry, oily, curly or straight here, there is a vegan conditioner for you. By choosing the right conditioner, you’ll soon see an improvement in your hair health. Check out all the vegan conditioners listed here. None of them uses harsh chemicals and they will help to restore hair health. Simply check the ingredients to pick the best vegan conditioner for your hair type.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, they're great for your hair as they don't contain any chemicals such as parabens or silicones. All of them use natural ingredients too.

Conditioners tend to use animal fats in their products as it is cheaper than using plant-based alternatives.

There are a number of vegan conditioners including Love Beauty and Planet, Acure, Olaplex, Pureology and Curlsmith. You can find more top vegan conditioners above.

No, L'Oreal is not 100% vegan with many products still containing animal-derived products. However, there are some vegan-friendly options. That being said, the brand is not cruelty-free and still allows its products to be animal-tested.

No, Clinique is not vegan as there are still some of its products that contain animal by-products such as lanolin and carmine. While there are some vegan options now, it's still not cruelty-free as it tests on animals

No, Rimmel is not an entirely vegan brand. However, it offers many vegan products that are free of animal products, which is a great start. Additionally, all Rimmel products are certified cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny Programme, so it's on its way.

No, while Dove does have some vegan products, the company as a whole is not vegan with many products containing animal-derived ingredients.

No, many Aveeno products use animal products such as beeswax or lanolin. The brand doesn't test on animals, but it does send products to China which means that it allows governments to test their products on animals.

No, Nivea is not vegan. Generally, there are no animal derivatives in Nivea products, but it does test on animals. As such, it's not cruelty-free, nor are they vegan.

No, Vaseline is not a vegan brand as most of its products contain animal products or derivatives. It doesn't test on animals per se, but it does sell its products in China which means that animal testing does occur.


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