Best Vegan Leather Pants 2024 — Faux Leather, No Animal Products

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A good pair of leather pants has always been a wardrobe staple for many people. But, traditionally made of animal skin, they can be off-putting. However, today there are vegan leather pants available instead.

Our top vegan leather pants brand picks

Faux leather pants and trousers come in a wide range of styles. Also, vegan leather pants are a great option for all occasions. They can be kept casual with an oversized t-shirt or dressed up for a fancy night out when paired with a nice blouse and a pair of heels. Better still, vegan leather pants look and feel almost exactly the same as real leather!

Because there are so many styles out there, we’re going to look at a wide range of vegan leather pants. We’ll look at the best slim fit, the top budget option, the ones that are best overall and so on. So, take a look at this list of top vegan leather pants and decide which pair most suits you.

Which Vegan Leather Pants are best for you? — A closer look


1. Aritzia Wilfred Melina Pant


These classic-style vegan leather pants have a straight leg that’s flattering for all figures. They come in a range of lengths, so you can find the pair that fits you best. The vegan leather, made from PU, is supple, breathable and very comfortable. Amazingly, many of the issues that surround real leather are absent here — there’s no squeak when you walk for instance. They’re also available in over 20 colors. Be aware that they do run a little small in size so you will want to go a size up.


2. Miaou Lace Up Pant


Typically a brand known for its corsets, Miaou has taken this design and added it to the PU and rayon vegan leather pants instead. The pants are a fitted design that’s low rise. For a sexy twist to these elegant pants, there is a lace-up front rather than the standard zip. It’s great for adjusting the fit around your waist. The pants also have a slit at the bottom of the leg to make it suitable for boots. However, they are a little short or long on the leg depending on your height as there aren’t many options for this.


3. AFRM Straight Leg at Revolve


With its straight-leg look, these pants are flattering on any figure. They’re super soft and made of PU. There are four different colors to choose from, and they match the AFRM Koa Top if you’re looking for a style option. The only downside here is that they tend to be big on the waist, so it’s better to choose a smaller size than your usual.


4. Commando Faux Leather Paperbag Waist Crop Pants at Nordstrom


Paperbag pants have always been a strong style choice. Made from PU, viscose and elastane, these have a four-way stretch ensuring they’re going to be super comfortable. Remove the belt for a more relaxed look or dress them up for a night out. Just be aware that the belt doesn’t keep the pants snug.


5. Abercrombie & Fitch Vegan Leather 90s Straight Pants


These straight-leg, PU pants have a range of different lengths to suit all heights. With four different leg lengths, you’re not going to have an issue finding the perfect fit. The feel is incredibly soft too. However, not everyone will find that the ultra-high waist style works for them.


6. Good American Good Icon Faux Leather Pants


Super snug and comfortable, these vegan leather pants actually move with your body perfectly. They’re smooth too and easy to pull on for a great range of movements. That being said, they can look looser on some due to the gap at the back designed for wider hips or larger hips.

Edikted Faux Leather Flare Leg Pants at Nordstrom

7. Edikted Faux Leather Flare Leg Pants at Nordstrom


Grab these pants for an hourglass silhouette and some, literal, flare. Because of the spandex blend used here, you’re going to get some nice stretch when you move. However, the materials aren’t that strong which makes them feel a lot less durable than they should be.


8. Apparis Trey Pants


These vegan pants have an elasticated waistband to give a more relaxed fit. This means that going from day to night is a breeze. While they are very comfortable thanks to the loose fit, the price tag is a bit much considering there isn’t much in the way of additional details.


9. Madewell High Waist Straight Leg Faux Leather Pants at Nordstrom


These PU and polyester vegan leather pants have a vintage feel. They’re available in colors such as burgundy for a different look. There’s a high-rise waist and a straight leg which is great for a range of body types. They’re also super soft and supple, draping very nicely when it comes to fitting. Just be aware that they run small.

Which are the best designer brands for vegan leather pants?

While there is a strong movement towards vegan products, many of the top clothing designer brands are still not offering vegan lines as yet. This means that if you’re looking for top vegan leather pants, you’re more than likely going to have to look at some smaller brands. That being said, Abercrombie and Fitch have made this move to vegan clothing lines and do have vegan leather pants options available.

You’re best bet right now is to take a look at some of the top vegan brands we have listed here. Don’t worry though, all of these offer super-stylish vegan leather pants that rival even the best designer brands.

What are vegan faux leather pants made from?

Vegan faux leather pants are made from a wide range of materials. The first vegan leather pants and items were made from PU or PVC. However, while they don’t use any animal products, they are petroleum-based as they are plastic. This does mean that drilling is required to extract the base materials to create PU or PVC. However, they still have are still better for the environment than standard leather pants.

Luckily, there are a number of vegan alternative leathers that are much more environmentally friendly and sustainable. These newer vegan leather options are all plant-based, thus reducing their impact on the environment. Better still, they often use plant or food waste which means that there isn’t anything left over. And, being made of plant materials means that these vegan leather pants are completely biodegradable. Finally, there are no toxic chemicals used to tan animal hide to make it leather, which is yet another plus point.

Some of the more common plant-based leather options include mycelium, yeast, corn, grape skins, pineapple leaves, apple peel, cactus and cork.

Will vegan leather pants last as long as animal leather?

It depends on the quality of the vegan leather pants, just as it depends on the quality of the animal leather. As new vegan leathers are being created, they are becoming better quality and more durable.

In general, vegan leather is thinner than animal leather. This can lead to it ripping or tearing more easily. Another issue with vegan leather is the fact that it’s not as stretchy as real leather. This means that if you do stretch it, then it can break or crack quicker. However, with higher quality vegan leathers, these issues are reduced.

You may have to replace your vegan leather pants more often than if you were using real leather. However, as most vegan leathers have a small impact on the environment, this may not be so much of a consideration.


There are numerous styles, colors and looks when it comes to vegan leather pants. We’ve got a range of different styles for you to choose from so that you can find something that works for your look. Check out all our top vegan leather pants right here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To wash or clean your vegan leather pants, do so in cold or warm water. If the water is too hot then the warmth could shrink your pants. Generally, a cold hand wash is the best option followed by letting the pants air dry. You can also use a microfibre cloth to remove excess water when drying. It's recommended that you avoid using a washing machine cycle as this can also cause shrinkage.

Vegan leather pants are one of the more versatile clothing options out there. In fact, having a pair of vegan leather pants is a great staple to have. They can be worn with oversized t-shirts and skinny leather pants for a casual look. Or, pair wide-leg pants with a stunning blouse to dress it up. There are so many options here, the choice is yours.


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