The 8 Best Vegan Cowboy Boots 2024 - From Traditional Styles, To Contemporary Interpretations

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We cannot get enough of the recent resurgence of cowboy boots. They’re a surprisingly versatile boot that adds a level of sophisticated ruggedness to any look. The “cow” part, however, we do not love so much.

The cruelty of animal leather is no secret, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the aesthetics of the practices of yesteryear. To top it off, recent developments in plant-based leather mean you can find a boot of a quality that any cowboy would approve of. 

We have put together a list of the best vegan cowboy boots on the market today, so you can find your new favorite eye-catching, envy-inducing boot.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at The Best Vegan Cowboy Boots

A Perfect Jane – Sooty Vegan Boots

1. A Perfect Jane – Sooty Vegan Boots


A Perfect Jane is your first stop when looking for vegan cowboy boots. They are a boot brand established in 2005 and has put the ethics of veganism and the forefront of its brand ever since. They are passionate about their cause, using their website to educate people about the realities of animal leather. Their whole collection is cowboy/western inspired, so you will certainly be spoilt for choice when browning their site. 

We have chosen their high Sooty Vegan Boots as for us, they encapsulate everything we look for in a modern fashion cowboy boot, using the cowboy aesthetic in a modern setting. They are sleek, and distinctly display their inspiration, but will work with just about any outfit you can try with them due to their contemporary design. 

They are made using apple leather, one of our favorites due to its supple feel and high quality. They are complete with vegan suede detailing, a breathable lining, comfortable cork soles, and a 2.75-inch heel.

Kat Mendenhall – Swirly Swirls

2. Kat Mendenhall – Swirly Swirls


If you’re looking for a tradition, then Kat Mendenhall is where it’s at. Operating out of Texas, they claim to be the first 100% vegan true Texas-style cowboy boots on the market. The brand was born out of the founder’s distaste for the treatment of animals in animal leather production, and the harm its processing chemicals cause to the workers. If you’re looking for authenticity in style and ethics, this is the choice for you.

They have an extensive line of boot shapes of various stitchings and heights. And if that’s not enough, each one is customizable, with the choice of material color and hell height completely up to you.

Our favorite is their Swirly Swirls boot. It made our hearts race with cowboy dreams when we saw it and is the closest we have seen to what you see in your head when you imagine a cowboy boot.

They are meticulously hand-crafted, and promise a long life of durability and maintained looks. Texans don’t mess around when it comes to cowboy boots, so we’re inclined to believe every promise they make.

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather – Lucky Unisex High Top Cowboy Boots 

3. Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather – Lucky Unisex High Top Cowboy Boots 


Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather is a favorite of ours due to their masterful production of classic shoe styles with a modern concern for ethics. They are a Parisian brand, founded and designed by Marion Hanania who has a successful career in French fashion.

Their collection of cowboy boots is absolutely stunning. They lean heavily on the classic style of cowboy boots opting to bring the iconic shape into the modern world mostly unadulterated and expertly crafted.

Their Lucky High Top Cowboy Boot sits high a proud at the top of our list. They are made from a soft and supple microfiber vegan leather, have an anti-bacterial and breathable microfibre lining, and elastomer sole. They are more comfortable than you could imagine, and look even better.

They are available in black and white, and you may have seen their white Lucky High Top Cowboy Boot before. They were worn by Ryan Gosling in 2023’s Barbie in Ken’s iconic cowboy look. If that isn’t a style stamp of approval we don’t know what is.

Stella McCartney – Cloudy Alter Mat Star Embroidery Cowboy Boots

4. Stella McCartney – Cloudy Alter Mat Star Embroidery Cowboy Boots


Stella McCartney is always sure to deliver the good when it comes to luxury, designer vegan fashion. She always uses vegan leather in her bags and boots collection, perfect for high fashion, ethical shoppers (although her clothing sometimes includes non-vegan materials such as wool and silk.)

These low-cut, western-inspired cowboy boots are the perfect way to bring the classic look of cowboy boots into the modern world. They are crafted from Stella McCartney’s own beautifully soft vegan leather and a fully lined for your comfort.

They strongly wear their influence, but are perfect for any modern outfit, avoiding the clunky look you may not want from a more traditional cowboy boot whilst maintaining an authentic loose fit. Their raised Cuban heel gives them a distinctly feminine look that brings the look of the ranch to a night in the city without missing a step.

Will’s Vegan Store – Western Boot

5. Will’s Vegan Store – Western Boot


Will’s Vegan Shoes for a long time has been a staple in ethical, practical, and stylish footwear. However, they have begun to dip their toes into much more adventurous styles and we love what they are coming up with.

Their Western Boot features a classic cowboy upper, stitching detail, and a classic loose fit. They are made of breathable, water-resistant vegan Italian leather made from Northern European cereal crops. They are lined with soft suede and complete with a 1.5-inch heel.

This listing is in the women’s department but they are in fact designed as unisex. If you are looking for male sizing, check out these cowboy boots in the men’s department.

Koi Footwear – Wintu Long Chunky Western Boots

6. Koi Footwear – Wintu Long Chunky Western Boots


Koi makes an entry on our list with their take on a cowboy/western boot. Koi Footwear has enjoyed a lot of success as a budget-friendly vegan shoe brand. They have carved their lane as providers of some of the grungiest and most gothic-looking vegan shoes around and we love it.

Their take on a Western boot is not safe from their aesthetic. Whilst they have an upper that is fairly classic in its shape and stitched detailing, their boot is far from traditional. They feature their signature chunk sole style, and we can see it working great for certain outfits.

We get that not everyone is looking for a traditional cowboy boot, and seek to merge their contemporary style with iconic, classic looks. If that sounds like you, then this may well be the choice for you.

Matisse Footwear – Aden Western Boot

7. Matisse Footwear – Aden Western Boot


Matisse is a footwear brand operating out of LA. They were founded in 2001 so have a long and successful history with a great reputation for quality footwear. They are not an entirely vegan company so be sure to check each product as you browse. However, their vegan collection is PETA approved so you can proceed with peace of mind.

We love their Aden Western Boot. It is part of their Coconuts sub-collection which is geared towards providing the modern woman with quality boots shoes and sandals at a reasonable price. 

The Aden features a western-inspired upper and stitching details, whilst the sole is a block heel and the toe section has more in common with a regular calf high boot. It is a great cross between a modern boot and an iconic cowboy look.

A Perfect Jane – Rossana Ankle Boot

8. A Perfect Jane – Rossana Ankle Boot


With their entire range proudly wearing their cowboy boot inspiration, A Perfect Jane definitely deserves another mention. Their Rossana ankle Boot is another beautiful boot that effortlessly combines the iconic silhouette of a Western boot with a much more modern approach in its detailing. 

They are made from buttery soft apple leather and are complete with a punk stud detail that really brings the cowboy boot into the contemporary era. The soles are made from wonderfully comfortable cork and they are lined with a breathable microfiber leather alternative OnSteam, which absorbs humidity and keeps your feet comfortable and fresh all day.

Choosing the right pair of vegan cowboy boots

When venturing into the world of high-stylized boots, like cowboy boots, it’s important to find the right ones for you. Unless you already have great outfits or ideas for outfits to make these boots work, you may run the risk of looking a bit like you’re wearing a fancy dress. However, we have put together a list that features more traditionally made vegan cowboy boots all the way to much more modern interpretations. This will help you find a boot that fits neatly into your existing wardrobe and give you the confidence they are supposed to inspire.

What are vegan boots?

Vegan boots simply are not composed of animal-derived materials. The most obvious is leather, but this extends to furs, suede, silks, and more. Certain dyes may also use animal-derived ingredients. It is, therefore, sometimes not enough for a boot to simply be made of vegan leather, as the other components must be accounted for. 

Usually, if the boot is vegan it will be listed and marked as such. Sometimes third parties such as PETA may approve a product as vegan, so you can be assured no animals were harmed in the making of your new favorite vegan boot.

Where to buy vegan cowboy boots?

Finding regular cowboy boots in shops can sometimes present a bit of a challenge, let alone vegan cowboy boots. It is therefore most likely best to find your vegan cowboy boots online, and to make it much easier for you, we have compiled the best vegan cowboy boots for you in this handy list. 

Finding boots online and purchasing them directly from the brand will often allow you to see whether the products are vegan or not. You will have a lot more information about the boot you are looking at online than simply in a shop.

Most of the products listed are unisex or have the opposite counterpart available to purchase from the same online store.

What is vegan leather vs. faux leather?

Faux leather is a term usually associated with leather made from types of plastic, also known as pleather. It has a history of being used as a cheaper alternative to leather as opposed to strictly to carter for those looking for a vegan alternative. 

Vegan Leather usually describes a leather alternative that is made with quality still in mind, usually with plant materials such as pineapple, cactus, and more. High-quality vegan leathers will often rival the quality, feel, and durability of animal leather and is not associated with being a cheaper alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There is a huge range of cowboy-inspired boots available for purchase. However, if you are looking for traditionally and authentically crafted vegan cowboy boots check out Kate Mendenhall, who makes traditional cowboy boots in Texas with entirely vegan components.

Vegan Cowboy Boots can be made from a range of leather alternatives. There is the more historically used “pleather”, as well as a whole range of high-quality plant-based leathers made from plants such as apples, cacti, mushrooms, and more.

Traditionally, cowboy boots are for protection and keeping the foot firmly anchored in the stirrups while riding. If you are not a cowboy or a horse rider however, they simply look amazing.

Kate Mendenhall makes completely vegan cowboy boots in a traditional manufacturing process in the heart of Texas.


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