Vegan Work Boots – An Ethical Way to Stay Safe

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Work Boots are an absolute necessity for a lot of trades. They must meet safety regulations for you to carry out your role safely and effectively.

You may find yourself running into difficulty when looking for vegan work boots. Although the vegan fashion industry is growing rapidly, utility clothing is slightly behind in providing an extensive range of ethical brands and options. We have put together a list of the best vegan work boots to help you find your next ethical and reliable pair.

For a boot to be considered vegan, the manufacturer must abstain from using animal-derived glues and dyes. However, the selection of vegan work boots is not huge. Most of the products on our list are certified as vegan, but we have also included options that use synthetic, vegan-friendly materials (such as leather alternatives) but are not so explicit in their use of animal-derived glues and dyes. We will clearly distinguish all certified vegan options and those that are not so clear.

A More Detailed Look at The Best Vegan Leather Work Boots.

STC – Vegan Collection

1. STC – Vegan Collection


100% Vegan? – Certain models are explicitly labeled as vegan.

STC is a Canadian footwear brand that specializes in safety and work boots. They are not a 100% vegan company, but they do have a range of vegan work boots that use entirely vegan-friendly components. The material used in their vegan range is Chemtech, a vegan-friendly microfiber.

They provide a great selection of different work boots, ranging from lightweight metal-free options to heavy-duty 18” boots and everything in between. They are the best option for those who need a highly specialized boot as opposed to just a general safety boot (although they do have a great jack-of-trades safety boot in the Trump Boot). Safety features of their boots include anti-slip soles, puncture resistance, anti-torsion outsoles, as well as oil and chemical resistance.

They outline the specifications of each boot on their website so you can find the perfect work boot for your occupation. The quality of their vegan boots is on par with their leather alternatives, with many customers testifying for their durability. They are sure to last you years to come, even with heavy and consistent use.

Rock Fall – Vegan Collection

2. Rock Fall – Vegan Collection


100% Vegan? – Boots marked as vegan are Vegan Society-approved vegan.

Rock Fall is a safety and work boot brand from the UK (although you can find distributors in the US) that has an extensive history as a reputable brand. They have a large range of clearly marked vegan work boots that are Vegan Society-approved.

Their range includes everything from steel-toed athletic shoes, to specifically designed water rescue boots. Some safety features include protective toecaps and midsole, soil resistance, and low temperature, heat, chemical, and slip resistance.

They have a great range of sizes available, so can cater to those who have less common shoe sizes.

Lugz – Synthetic Leather and Nubuck

3. Lugz – Synthetic Leather and Nubuck


100% Vegan? – Unclear

Lugz has a great selection of work boots that are made using synthetic leather and nubuck rather than animal-based textiles. Unfortunately, they are not able to confirm whether the glue they use is derived from animals or not. We have decided to include their collection as they produce some specialized boot styles that you may not be able to find from other brands.

Their options include boots that are water resistant, steel toe enforced, and slip-resistant, as well as pairs that can protect you from certain electric hazards. They also have great sneaker styles that are designed with durability in mind, so if you don’t require additional protection but spend all day on your feet, then these are perfect for you.

Vegetarian Shoes – Euro Safety Boots/Airseal Boots.

4. Vegetarian Shoes – Euro Safety Boots/Airseal Boots.


100% Vegan? – All Vegetarian Shoes’ products are vegan.

Vegetarian is a long-established pioneer in vegan footwear. They are from the UK but can be found in certain US-based outlets.

Vegetarian shoes do not specialize in work boots, however, they have a great range of general safety boots, including the Euro Safety Boot. They are water-resistant, and have a steel toe, padded collar, as well as a padded bellows tongue.

Vegetarian Shoes also produces a traditional English workboot range they call Airseal. This range takes visual inspiration from the iconic Doc Marten boots, but Vegetarian Shoes reintroduce the functionality of this style. The line is water resistant and some models have steel toe caps, making for the perfect stylish and ethical safety boot. 

Be sure to check out their broader range of safety boots for different styles.

Eco Vegan Shoes – Safety Shoe Collection

5. Eco Vegan Shoes – Safety Shoe Collection


100% Vegan? – All Eco Vegan Shoes’ products are vegan.

Eco Vegan Shoes have a great range of safety work boots and shoes. Their whole range is completely vegan so don’t have to waste any time filtering through the materials.

Their range features less specialized boots than other brands but makes a range of boots that are perfect for warehouse operatives, airport workers, and construction workers. Their collection includes S1, S2, and S3 certified safety shoes, so whatever your needs you are sure to find the right work boot for you here.

They use composite toe caps rather than metal. This means the safety boots are much more lightweight allowing better movement and maneuverability in the workplace.

Ethical Wares – Safety Footwear

6. Ethical Wares – Safety Footwear


100% Vegan? – All Ethical Wares products are vegan.

Ethical Wares is a UK company, but they offer worldwide shipping. They have a modest but high-quality collection of vegan work boots. 

Their best all round boot, the Vegan Steel Toe Capped Safety Boots are antistatic, non-slip, and heat, abrasion, hydrocarbon, oil, and solvent resistant, making them perfect for all sorts of warehouse roles. They outline the European safety standards that they meet, so you may have to cross-reference the guidelines with US or Canadian guidelines.

They also produce specialized chainsaw boots, designed for those with forestry jobs.

Why Choose a Vegan Work Boot?

Most people who are looking for a vegan work boot, or other vegan clothing and footwear, are usually concerned with the ethics of animal leather. Animal leather comes at the expense of an animal’s life. The living conditions of these animals are immoral and inhumane as corners will be cut to maximize profits resulting in a lack of respect for animal life. Choosing a vegan work boot vastly reduces the harm caused to animals compared to animal leather.

People may also choose vegan work boots due to the sustainability aspect. A vegan work boot made using synthetic materials will take a lot less resources to make than animal leather, and therefore a significantly lower impact on the environment. 

Vegan leather alternatives are sometimes criticized for their plastic content, meaning they will take centuries to naturally degrade. However, this is also true of animal leather products, as they are usually treated with chromium, resulting in a boot that will also take centuries to biodegrade.

Are Vegan Work Boots Safe?

Vegan Work Boots are held to the same safety standards as leather work boots. These can vary based on your job and your location, but the specifications of each boot are outlined in the description of products so you can find a boot that is suitable for your occupation. Vegan work boots are made from high-quality materials. Their quality and durability do not suffer without the use of animal leather.

Is It Okay To Buy Second-Hand Leather Work Boots?

There are different opinions about whether it is okay to buy second-hand leather as a vegan in general. On the one hand, it does not directly affect the supply and demand chain of the leather industry. On the other hand, it continues the normalization of animal leather as an acceptable material in clothing. There is also the aspect that brands will often monitor second-hand purchases to get an idea of what is popular. If you buy second-hand leather, this gives a message to the industry that you want animal leather products.

However, when it comes to work boots, it may be a less nuanced discussion. If your job requires boot specifications that cannot be found in vegan form, the second best option is definitely to buy a second-hand pair of work boots rather than purchasing them from the brand itself. This is an act of necessity, as no one would recommend you sacrifice your safety or job. Buying second-hand leather does reduce the environmental cost of your purchase so it is a good option to attempt to limit the damage you cause to the earth and animals.


Finding a work boot that lives up to the safety specifications of your job can be a bit of a challenge. The options are quite limited. However, our list represents nearly all safety specifications through different boots.

Our inclusion of boots that are slightly more ambiguous in their vegan status is down to necessity. We would never include animal leather in our recommendations, however, if a brand cannot clarify the source of its glues and dyes, but is the only brand to provide the boot that you need we think it is okay to go ahead and purchase them as a vegan.

Veganism is an attempt to remove animal products from your life as far as is practical. No one would recommend sacrificing your safety or your job. We understand this can be a difficult circumstance, but we hope that we have made this process easier by gathering what we believe to be an eclectic collection of vegan work boots that will keep you safe whilst you work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, vegan work boots can protect against heavy objects. Vegan Work Boots are often designed to be appropriate for warehouse and construction work therefore will have protection against falling objects. This usually involves a solid structure and toe caps to protect your feet. They will abide by the guidelines set by your area and your job,

Yes, vegan work boots will protect you from slippery surfaces. Any physical job that requires you to work on your feet will require slip protection, and most vegan workboots will have a sole and tread that is slip-resistant.

Vegan work boots will protect you from corrosive and poisonous materials if they are designed to do so. They will adhere to safety requirements that include protection against corrosive and poisonous materials, and just like any animal leather shoes will keep your feet safe during your job.

Vegan work boots that are designed to protect you against sharp objects will do the job. Make sure to check the specifications of the vegan work boots you are considering to establish whether they are designed to protect you from that specific hazard.


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