Vegan Fashion Week 2024

Vegan Fashion Week is the most influential fashion event of the year for resculpting the landscape of fashion, creating a future where fashion and style do not come at the expense of animal welfare.

Vegan Fashion Week itself is a nonprofit founded by Emmanuelle Rienda in 2018. It has been instrumental in supporting vegan fashion brands and mainstream fashion brands’ vegan products alike as they pave the way towards a brighter future for ethical fashion.

Their events since 2018 have helped promote the surge of brands transitioning to more sustainable practices and legitimizing ethical fashion as not just a sideshow, but the very real future of the fashion industry. They have continually been the leading platform for showcasing the development of sustainable clothing and materials.

They have garnered 60 million dollars of media attention, bringing ethical and sustainable fashion into the view of the mainstream, and demanding respect through the quality of the brand’s and designer’s outputs. 

Last year saw their collaboration with Ukrainian Fashion Week in the wake of the war between Russia and Ukraine. This event exemplified their attitude towards global sustainability and cooperation through fashion.

Their definition of sustainability extends to not just the planet, but to all its inhabitants. They state that “sustainability can only exist when consideration is given to all beings, including nonhuman and the planet”

Their theme this year is Harmony. They aim to “highlight the interconnectedness of people, animals, and our planet, and how we can create a harmonious existence with sustainable fashion and lifestyle choices.”

We can’t wait to see what the event has to offer. Vegan Fashion Week has helped launch ethical clothing to unprecedented levels, and it’s looking like the only way is up. It is a rapidly growing and fertile space, attracting some of the most creative and vibrant designers in the industry as they continue to raise the bar and surpass all expectations.

For us, this is the most important fashion week of the year. Ethical fashionistas feel the shockwaves of Vegan Fashion Week’s influence every year, and we can’t wait for what comes next.

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