Vegan Christmas Gifts – Compassionate Presents and Ideas For Men and For Women

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Christmas is just around the corner. The holiday season is usually a time for indulgence and relaxation but that does not have to come at the cost of animal welfare or the planet. Christmas should be a time for compassion, compassion that includes the animals and our planet.

Our Favorite Vegan Christmas Gifts for 2024

Whether you’re a vegan looking for gift ideas, someone who is finding a gift for their vegan friend, or simply looking for ways to make the holiday season more ethical and sustainable, we have the perfect Christmas gifts for you.


1.  V.GAN – Flax Mens Mule Slippers


Christmas would not be complete without the obligatory slippers gift. Now it may get a bad reputation, but the truth is that when Christmas comes around people are looking for a new pair.

These super comfy flax slippers are perfect for the winter months. They have a fluffy insole and a nice roomy upper that you can pair with your favorite winter socks.


2. Afora World – Trio Knit Hat, Scarf & Jumper (Unisex)


Help keep your favorite people warm in style this Christmas. This luxury knitted cotton trio is the perfect animal-friendly gift for anyone who values a cozy hat scarf and jumper collection.

This trio comes in two colors and can be bought as the cutest matching set for a couple’s gift.


3. AmourLinen – Plain Linen Bathrobe (Women’s)


This simple linen bathrobe is absolutely beautiful. It is a kimono style that works perfectly as an outer layer to your nightwear that won’t get too hot or sticky.

ArmourLinen has a great range of different colors as well as different styles of bathrobes. Try to get your order in quickly though, as to reduce waste and ensure quality, bathrobes are made for order.


4. Back to the Roots – Organic Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit


If you’re buying for someone who is absolutely mushroom crazy, this could be the perfect gift for them. 

There’s nothing more rewarding than growing and eating your own food. However, mushroom cultivation is a potentially harder hobby to get into. This grow kit could be the first step into a long and successful mushroom-growing hobby.

It only takes ten days to get your first harvest from this kit.


5. Bees Wrap – Vegan 3 Pack


These reusable wraps are the perfect small gift or stocking filler. They are multi-use alternatives to single-use plastic food wrapping. We love these and give them as gifts at every opportunity we can get. 

Not only are they great products that will get used, but they will go a long way in reducing waste. A win-win for an otherwise wasteful time of the year.


6. CoCo+Benjamin – Highly Scented Soy Candles


Quite frankly, we cannot get enough of scented candles. It’s one of the reasons we love Christmas so much. Being well-stocked up on scented candles is the key to creating a nice relaxing atmosphere in your home.

So if you are unsure whether it would be a good gift idea, let me reassure you that it most definitely be used and appreciated. These CoCo+Benjamin scented soy candles smell incredible and will last you a long time.


7. Immaculate Vegan – Giftcard


A gift card for Immaculate Vegan is the best gift for any fashion-savvy vegan. We all know picking clothes for another person can be a bit of a challenge, and some people will only be happy if you buy them clothes. So here is the perfect middle ground.

They have a huge range of animal-friendly clothing and accessories from the top vegan brands in the industry. They also have a good range of household items such as candles and diffusers. 


8. Komodo – Organic Cotton Pyjama Shorts Set (Men’s)


Men shouldn’t be left out when it comes to evening and nighttime comfort. Komodo’s beautiful pajamas come in men’s styles and sizes too! They are made using brushed cotton, perfect for a Christmas Eve gift to open presents in style.

If you’re buying for a couple, consider picking up matching pyjamas for the perfect couple’s gift.


9. Komodo – Organic Cotton Pyjama Shorts Set (Women’s)


These cotton pajamas are the perfect gift for the cozy holiday season. They are double brushed, and sure to keep you warm through the winter nights. 

We love the classic green tartan style, but Komodo has a whole range of different color options, as well as long trouser options. Be careful though, you may want to keep them yourself after you feel how soft they are.


10. LAAY – Yoga Set


This yoga set is a great gift for those looking to get into the ancient practice. It’s everything you might need to get started, which includes a yoga mat and yoga block (which are great for helping beginners reach certain stretches).

We love the marbled look of these yoga mats, and they are a great alternative to a plain yoga mat. If you have equipment you love, you are more likely to carry on the practice.


11. Lüks Linen – Lüks Linen (Men’s)


This luxury linen lounge gown is for men who take their downtime seriously. This gown is made by family ateliers and master weavers in Turkey out of the highest quality OEKO TEX certified cotton.

They come in a variety of colors, but our favorite is charcoal. It is a classy look, that will certainly provide a disguised look to your hours of relaxation.


12. No Whey Foods – Vegan Chocolate Truffle Collection


At Christmas, you can’t go wrong with a nice box of chocolates. There is nothing better than a relaxing Christmas spent in your new pajamas with a box of your favorite vegan treats.

These delectable chocolate truffles are just what you are looking for. There’s a range of different flavors in each selection box, so they will please a whole household.


13. Oliver Co. London – Slim Apple Leather Vegan Cardholder (Men’s)


This beautiful cardholder is crafted from Apple leather and is perfect for any minimalist. Apple leather is one of the most luxurious vegan leathers available and is a perfect gift for that special person. It has enough space for 6 cards and a few folded bills. 


14. Reese’s – Vegan Peanut Butter Cup


If you shopping for a vegan who prefers familiar tastes, or whether you’re a vegan giving out animal-friendly gifts, this is a great pick for chocolate.

The nation’s favorite peanut butter chocolate is now available without the animal suffering, and we love it. If you ever needed a gift to prove to someone that being vegan isn’t boring, then this is it.


15. of London – Celeste Diffuser


Gifts for the home are always a great idea. Especially around Christmas, scented gifts are always appreciated. Whilst it’s great to get the family around for dinner, the smells produced by your uncle after his roast may be unwelcome.

This diffuser will restore balance to your house as the whirlwind of Christmas takes over. It will invite you to relax and remind you that Christmas is not a time of stress but of unwinding.


16. The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook


This cookbook is for those who value super healthy plant-based meals, but are short on time. Amazing food doesn’t have to harm animals or ourselves, and it certainly shouldn’t take all day to make.

This is another great gift for your non-vegan friends who are enthusiastic about trying veganism. The book has a load of great ideas that will dispel any myths that people hold about vegan food.


17. Thug Kitchen – Cookbook


This cookbook is full of great ideas, written to be more entertaining than your average cookbook (with a liberal use of language). It is a great gift for your non-vegan friend as a fun and easy introduction to some great-tasting vegan meals. It is also perfect for your vegan friend who needs to improve their dinner party contributions.

We have made tons of meals for friends from this book, both vegan and non-vegan, and have received nothing but compliments.


18. Tofuture – Tofu Press


A tofu press is a practical choice. But the truth is that no vegan kitchen is complete without one. If you know someone who has a soggy tofu problem, this is the perfect gift this Christmas.


19. V.GAN – Hemp Women’s Recycled Vegan Mule Slippers


These super cute hemp slippers by V.GAN are ideal for cozy winter nights spent in. They are made using the softest, fluffiest hemp fibers that will make you never want to take them off.

We wish all footwear was this comfortable, and if you chose this gift in your Secret Santa, the whole office will be hoping they get you next year.


20. Watson & Wolfe – Portman Women’s Vegan Purse


This vegan money purse by Watson & Wolfe is an absolutely beautiful design made out of plant-based corn leather. It’s functional enough for daily use, whilst having the looks and style to be taken with you on nights out and the weekends.

It is a great gift this Christmas for that friend who always seems to be losing their cards.

Why Vegan Christmas Gifts

If you’re vegan, of course, you will only want to give out vegan gifts. If that’s the case we hope you are inspired by our list for some great gift ideas. However, you may also be shopping for a vegan. The key here is to not choose something that is a novelty. Choose something compassionate to the animals, but make sure it’s something the recipient wants, needs, and will use.

More Gifts

If you have a more specific gift in mind, such as a bag or a new vegan jacket, check out our vegan clothing section. We have extensive lists of the best brands and products which are all vegan. All of the products we list are our absolute favorites on the market right now. Whether they are produced by vegan brands and companies or are vegan by ingredient, we can help you find exactly what you are looking for this Christmas


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