The Search for a Vegan Purse –  The Best Vegan Purses Available Today.

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A good purse should do a lot more than just carry your things around. It should be an extension of you and your style. It should also, therefore, be an extension of your ethics.

The use of vegan materials in high-quality purses has been on the rise, whether it be vegan leather or high-quality textiles. As a result, there is now a plethora of options to choose from. To help you narrow down your search, and find the perfect vegan purse, take a look at our list of our favorite vegan purses.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at our Favorite Vegan Purses.

Santos by Monica: Agave Triangular Tote

1. Santos by Monica: Agave Triangular Tote


This stylish tote from Santos by Monica is made using plant-based leather, crafted from cactus fibers. Its slightly left-field design elevates even the most casual jeans tee shirt combinations and does so without compromising quality. 

Santos by Monica opts for local production, and the use of biomaterials to deliver stylish but sustainable bags and apparel. Their use of cactus leather across their purse range means the quality of their vegan leather rivals that of animal-derived alternatives

Their entire purse range is made from vegan cactus leather and is well worth checking out.

Matt and Nat: Giulia Vegan Shoulder Bag 

2. Matt and Nat: Giulia Vegan Shoulder Bag 


Matt and Nat is one of the largest and most known vegan purse brands. They use a range of materials to make a diverse collection of purses at a variety of different price points.

Our favorite is their Giulia shoulder bag, made using Appleskin™ leather. We will nearly always opt for vegetable-based leathers such as what Matt and Nat have used on this shoulder bag, due to its high quality, and likeness to animal-derived leather. 

It is an elegant and timeless design that will surely be a long-term mainstay in your wardrobe.

Von Holzhausen: The Circle Crossbody

3. Von Holzhausen: The Circle Crossbody


Von Holzhausen’s Circle Crossbody is a thing of beauty. It falls perfectly into both camps of utility and style and makes for the perfect companion to any occasion. It is sleek and timeless. We have struggled to find an outfit it doesn’t go with yet.

It is constructed using bamboo-derived leather that is beautifully soft to the touch, closely mimicking lambskin. Bamboo is the most renewable resource on the planet, and the entire bag is 100% biodegradable.

Hemincuff: Stef Origami Bag

4. Hemincuff: Stef Origami Bag


Hemincuff is an entirely vegan brand from New York that specializes in accessories. Their broader range leans heavily on the influence of geometric lines and minimalism. 

Our favorite, the Stef Origami, takes direct inspiration from the ancient art of origami, and we can’t get enough of it. Its bold lines tastefully complement any outfit we’ve tried it with, and its size makes it perfect for daily essentials, as well as being the perfect companion for your evening attire.

Gunas: Simone Bag

5. Gunas: Simone Bag


Gunas is another independent brand from New York. It was started with the intent to deliver high-fashion accessories without harming other living beings.

Their range features purses of more traditional designs, as well as more experimental designs and prints. Our favorite, the Simone Bag, was named after activist activist Simone de Beauvoir. It features a multi-pocket interior, and a padlock for added security so you can feel powerful and in control.

Mashu: Phillipa 2 Bag

6. Mashu: Phillipa 2 Bag


This stylish purse comes from Mashu, a 100% vegan bag brand. It is made using a high percent bio-based leather from Italy, successfully recreating the look and feel of animal-derived leather. 

It is a classically shaped purse, the type of bag that will never go out of style It comes with two variations of the removable shoulder strap, making for a highly versatile accessory. Its minimal style is complemented perfectly by its elegant T-Bar hammered hardware, making it a must-have for those classy evening outfits.

Angela Roi: Hamilton Satchel

7. Angela Roi: Hamilton Satchel


This satchel from Angela Roi is a modern take on a classic design. Featuring a multi-compartment design, this purse has the functionality to be your new essentials-only everyday bag, and the elegance and minimalism to take into the night.

Angela Roi is an entirely vegan brand, with an extensive range of classic styled bags where you will be sure to find a purse that you love.

Stella McCartney: Falabella Tiny Tote

8. Stella McCartney: Falabella Tiny Tote


Stella McCartney leads the pack of cruelty-free, high-fashion, luxury purses. They have an extensive and diverse range, with bags geared towards utility, those that emphasize elegance and beauty, and everything in between.

Stella McCartney is always looking to innovate, as exemplified by our favorite purse of theirs, the Falabella Tiny Tote bag. It is the first luxury bag to be made using MIRUM®, a relatively new plastic-free leather alternative.

Pixie Mood: Bubbly Tote

9. Pixie Mood: Bubbly Tote


Pixie Mood is an entirely vegan brand that is one of the most budget-friendly bag brands out there. They have an absolutely massive range of vegan bags for you to choose from, and come in at a price point that makes it hard to resist picking up one of their beautiful purses.

Our favorite is their Bubbly Tote bag. It is a pillow-style purse that is large enough to store your essentials for daily use, and classy enough to take out with you on a night in the town. You can wear it either as a stylish crossbody or as a handy shoulder bag, making it a versatile choice for any situation.

Lbante: Alder Black Clutch & Cross-Body Bag

10. Lbante: Alder Black Clutch & Cross-Body Bag


Lbante is a UK brand (with a US store) whose entire range is vegan, environmentally friendly, and ethically produced.

Their Adler clutch and crossbody hang out in the mid-range budget. Its multifunctionality means it would be perfect for carrying daily essentials, as well as evening walks or night out. They prioritize sustainable products and use reclaimed plastic bottles for the linings of their bags.

Why Choose a Vegan Purse?

Choosing a vegan purse over an animal leather purse, for most people, will come down to ethical concerns. Many people are aware of the mistreatment of animals that occurs in the food industry, but vegans will seek to avoid this mistreatment in all aspects of their lives, clothing, and fashion included. 

There is a general downtrend towards the use of animal products in fashion, but this is mostly in fur. However, leather is still very much a mainstream material, despite it being procured in the same manner as fur and ultimately causing animal suffering. 

The best vegan purses will allow you to finish your favorite styles without needless harm to animals.

Are Vegan Purses Good Quality?

The quality of vegan purses will differ from product to product. Cheaper purses are sometimes made from plastics to save on material costs even if the brand is vegan or not. 

However, in modern times, vegan leathers and the products that are made with them can stand up next to animal leather in terms of quality, feel, and looks. Like with any product, whether it is vegan or not, quality can correlate with a price range (although this is not always true), and most luxury vegan bags will stand toe toe-to-toe with non-vegan luxury bags. Cheaper purses may sacrifice material quality and rely more on plastics to create their bags.

Are Vegan Purses Good For The Environment?

Due to many vegan leathers being made using waste or recycled materials, they are often considered to be more environmentally friendly in their production. The environmental cost of raising animals for their bodies to be used as materials is considerably high, in resources and greenhouse gas emissions.

However, there are questions about the environmental impact of plastics being used in these leathers, as this can cause them not to be biodegradable. However, not all vegan leathers rely on plastic for their base, so be sure to check out your specific product. The best approach, if you are concerned with the environmental impact of your purse, is to make sure you choose a high-quality vegan crossbody bag that will last you a long time without the need to replace and discard.


Now more than ever, the options for vegan purses are dizzying large. No longer are vegans limited to textile alternatives, or cheaply made “pleather” bags. The innovation of vegan imitation leather is a constantly growing industry, which continues to move away from the use of plastics in its production, and more towards the use of plant-based materials. 

Brands such as Stella McCartney exemplify just how far vegan purses and wider fashion can be taken in the high fashion lane, whilst brands such as Pixie Mood ensure you can find your perfect vegan purse, whatever your budget is.

Whether you’re looking for a leather imitation, a traditional purse, or a textile alternative, our list will help you truly wear your heart on your purse.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Vegan leather will not peel off if it is made from quality plant-derived materials, and if the product is well looked after. Cheaper plastic-based leathers may suffer quicker wear and tear than higher-quality plant leathers or animal leathers.

When discussing high-quality plant-based vegan leather, there is not too much difference between it and animal leather, meaning it is absolutely worth it.

A vegan purse is made without using animal products. There is the obvious use of vegan materials for outers, such as vegan leathers, but a vegan purse will also make sure not to use animal-derived glues.

Vegan leather is more often than not cheaper than traditional animal leather. “Pleather”, or plastic leather, is often used as a cheap alternative to animal leather, whilst plant-based leather such as apple leather or cactus leather requires fewer resources to produce than the cattle used for animal leather.

Concerning ethics, vegan leather is always better due to the harm caused to animals when producing animal leather. Some lower-quality vegan leathers will be less durable than animal leathers, but this is dependent on the specific item and the material used.


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