Best Vegan Crossbody Bags 2024 - A timeless combination of style and utility.

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No one’s wardrobe is complete without a versatile crossbody bag. However, some of the most iconic looks and styles of crossbody bags will use animal-derived materials such as leather. Fortunately, many brands offer a range of beautiful crossbody bags that adhere to the ethics of veganism.

Whether you are looking for a classic leather style or a bag made from alternative materials, we are here to help you narrow your search for the best vegan crossbody bags available today.

Let’s take a closer look at our favorite vegan crossbody bags.

Matt&Nat, Cas Crossbody Bag

1. Matt&Nat, Cas Crossbody Bag


Matt & Nat is a 100% vegan bag company focusing on making high-quality vegan bags using as much recycled material as possible. They are one of the most well-known vegan bag brands and have one of the largest available selections.

As well as their broader range of bag styles, Matt&Nat stocks a huge collection of crossbody bags. Our personal favorite is the CAS Vegan Crossbody Bag due to its perfect size and adaptability to any occasion. It is from their Sol collection, which uses recycled materials in their lining and outer body.

Whether you are looking for a daily day bag, or an eye-catching statement to compliment your evening outfit, Matt&Nat surely can provide it.

Pixie Mood, Gianna Crossbody Bag

2. Pixie Mood, Gianna Crossbody Bag


Pixie Mood is another 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free brand that stocks a huge range of vegan crossbody bags. Our favorite is their Gianna crossbody bag. It has a timeless and elegant shape and comes with two body strap variations.

Their bags are created using recycled vegan leather, and their lining is made from recycled plastic bottles. Pixie Mood even extends its climate consciousness right down to its shipping methods.

Corkor, Crossbody Bag

3. Corkor, Crossbody Bag


This bag is made entirely from cork, one of the most eco-friendly materials available. This is not made to entirely mimic the look and feel of a leather bag, but it hits the marks in terms of functionality and versatility. 

Although Corkor does not attempt to recreate animal leather looks in the materials, we think their naturally finished cork bags are beautiful in their own right. Perhaps not as elegant or appropriate for evenings as other entries, we still think this makes for an excellent and unique everyday bag for the environmentally-conscious consumer.

Frida Rome, WEEK/END Crossbody Bag.

4. Frida Rome, WEEK/END Crossbody Bag.


Frida Rome’s crossbody bag is versatility embodied. Its studs lean on a punk-ish style, but its simplicity means you would have a hard time finding an outfit that this bag would not go with. The studs enable you to swap out panels of the bag for customization and space-saving deconstruction.

We are huge fans of plant leathers such as the soft and supple cactus leather used in Frida Romes’s Crossbody Bag. The quality and look of this vegan leather rivals and possibly surpasses most animal-derived alternatives. You will be hard-pressed to find any product of 

superior quality for this price, animal leather or not.

GUNAS, Emily Bag

5. GUNAS, Emily Bag


GUNAS from New York is an entirely vegan bag company that prioritizes ethics and animal welfare. They have an extensive collection of bags from all styles and a great selection of crossbody bags. 

Our favorite is the Emily. This versatile bag can be used as a crossbody or a clutch. It will seamlessly go with both your daytime and evening outfits. There is a range of color combinations of the Emily bag so you can be sure to find one that fits your favorite color pallets.

Von Holzhausen, Crossbody Bag

6. Von Holzhausen, Crossbody Bag


Von Holzhausen creates bags with high-quality vegan leather that they have designed and developed themselves. The company was created in congruence with the founders’ attempt to create a vegan leather that can rival animal leather, and we believe that have achieved that goal.

Although their crossbody collection is modest in comparison to other brands, they have created a bag shape that is elegant and timeless, something that we highly value in a bag. The quality truly does stand up next to even the most high-quality animal leathers, and so do their designs. 

Although their range of designs is somewhat limited, they include variations of their bags in color, so the range is more diverse than it first seems.

LaBante London, Daisy Crossbody Bag

7. LaBante London, Daisy Crossbody Bag


LaBante was established in 2009 as a completely vegan, sustainable, and ethical bag brand and has experienced success since. They use high-quality vegan leathers made out of vegetable byproducts.

We love their Daisy Crossbody Bag. Its outer features a thick woven design, and its elegance is matched only by the practicality of its inside compartments. They have a great stock of other crossbody bags that you should be sure to check out.

Svala, Tashi Crossbody

8. Svala, Tashi Crossbody


Svala is a vegan luxury bag brand. They feature a simple collection of crossbodies, featuring mostly their timeless and elegant Tashi shape. They do, however, have a good range of materials to choose from in this style. They use materials such as Piñatex (leather made using pineapple leaves) and cork to create diversity in their smaller range.

Our favorite is the Piñatex black metallic version, as we are partial to the plant-derived leathers for their feel. It is the perfect size for all possible occasions and features a magnetic snap closure for security.

 JW Pei, Mini Flap Bag

9.  JW Pei, Mini Flap Bag


JW Pei provides more affordable vegan bags and has a fantastic collection of crossbody bags. They were founded in LA to provide modern women with affordable, ethical choices.

Our pick is their Mini Flap Bay. whilst is a very modest design, we think its elegance is in its simplicity, and love that it can complement any outfit.

Stella McCartney – Logo Shoulder Bag

10. Stella McCartney – Logo Shoulder Bag


Stella McCartney is one of the most well-known and luxurious producers of vegan bags around. Although they are not a completely vegan brand due to using wool in some of their clothing products, their bag line is entirely vegan.

Their collection of crossbody bags is extensive and diverse, and we are sure you will find something that suits your style. Our favorite is the classic logo shoulder bag. It is a bit larger than our other picks, suits everyday use, and is generally more utilitarian. However, we think it’s a beautifully made bag that goes perfectly with boho looks.

Minuit sur Terre, Leon Crossbody

11. Minuit sur Terre, Leon Crossbody


Minuit sur Terre is primarily a vegan shoe brand, but they have increased their range of bags and accessories, and now have a great selection of crossbody bags. Their Leon crossbody is made using apple leather, resulting in a bag that looks and feels fantastic.

We love this bag for everyday use, due to its size and ability to adapt to any outfit.

Angela Roi, Hamilton Crossbody

12. Angela Roi, Hamilton Crossbody


Angela Roi is a luxury bag brand that does not use any animal-derived materials in its products. The entire range is vegan, as certified by PETA, so you should definitely browse their broader collections.

Looking at crossbodies, they have a fantastic range of designs, all of which feature color variations, so you are guaranteed to find your perfect bag. Our favorite is their Hamilton Crossbody. It’s a simple but timeless design, and for our money, embodies what a crossbody is all about, elegance and versatility. You would have no problems carrying this bag around all day or for an evening in the city.

Alkeme Atelier, Fire Flap Crossbody

13. Alkeme Atelier, Fire Flap Crossbody


Alkeme Atelier is a vegan bag brand whose collection features some of the most unique designs we have come across in the vegan bag market. They have a vast collection of bags and their crossbodies are absolutely stunning.

Our favorite from them is the Fire Flap Crossbody, which is a considerably tame design in comparison to the rest of their range. However, we believe that this example of a simple and successful design shows off their ability to craft wonderful bags.

Scarleton, Top Handle Crossbody Bag

14. Scarleton, Top Handle Crossbody Bag


Scarleton comes in as a budget-friendly option. They are a 100% vegan company and their designs mostly revolve around reliably fashionable shapes.

Our favorite, and bag that we think exemplifies their classic designs, is the Top Handle Crossbody Bag. It comes in 3 color variations and features internal compartments that add to the security of this bag.

Why Choose a Vegan Bag?

Choosing a vegan bag over an animal leather bag, for most people, will come down to ethical concerns. Many people are aware of the mistreatment of animals that occurs in the food industry, but vegans will seek to avoid this mistreatment in all aspects of their lives, clothing, and fashion included. 

There is a general downtrend towards the use of animal products in fashion, but this is mostly in fur products. However, leather is still very much a mainstream material, despite it being procured in the same manner as fur and ultimately causing animal suffering. 

Vegan Crossbody Bags allow you to finish your favorite styles without the needless harm of animals.

Are Vegan Crossbody Bags Good Quality?

The quality of a vegan crossbody bag will differ from product to product. Cheaper bags are sometimes made from plastics to save on material costs even if the brand is vegan or not. 

However, in modern times, vegan leathers and the products that are made with them can stand up next to animal leather in terms of quality, feel, and looks. Like with any product, whether it is vegan or not, quality often correlates with a price range (although this is not always true), and most luxury vegan bags will stand toe to toe with non-vegan luxury bags.

Are Vegan Crossbody Bags Good For The Environment?

Due to many vegan leathers being made using waste or recycled materials, they are often considered to be more environmentally friendly in their production. The environmental cost of raising animals for their bodies to be used as materials is considerably high. 

There are questions about the environmental impact of plastics being used in these leathers, as this can cause them not to be biodegradable. However, this is not always the case for all vegan leathers, so be sure to check out your specific product. The best approach, if you are concerned with the environmental impact of your crossbody bag, is to make sure you choose a high-quality vegan crossbody bag that will last you a long time without the need to replace and discard it.


Although in the past, faux leather, and vegan imitations of animal leathers have been criticized for their lack of quality, this is no longer the case. 

With increases in technologies and research, high-quality, luxury vegan leathers are now available on the broader market, and they are nearly indistinguishable from animal leather.

As the demand for vegan fashion alternative increase, as it has with vegan crossbody bags, more and more options will arrive at different price points. 

The range of options for vegan bags now is beginning to contend with animal-based leathers, with certain brands such as Stella McCartney competing with high fashion houses without the needless suffering involved to create vegan leather bags and being lauded for their designs and quality regardless of their vegan components or not

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A lot of vegan crossbody bags will be made using plastic, as plastic-based leather alternatives are the most common.

Stella McCartney is the luxury brand most commonly associated with vegan leathers, but fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton have begun to embrace vegan leathers.

Cheaper vegan leathers will be entirely PVC, and the quality can sometimes suffer. However, vegan leathers that are made using higher quality materials will be worth the price increase.

Faux Leather is a term usually associated with PVC, known as pleather, which is cheaper and less durable than vegan leather, which usually describes leather made from higher quality materials that compete with the quality of animal leather.

Not all of Zara’s leather products use vegan leather, but they do have a good amount of items that are made from faux leather.


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