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If you’re looking for your latest fall/winter staple that is perfect for almost every occasion then look no further than the vegan leather dress. It is a versatile, timeless frock that simply will never go out of style. Better yet, a vegan or faux leather choice means you can step out in style without cutting any corners on your ethics.

A vegan leather dress is the perfect blend of practicality and style. We have seen beautiful examples of leather dresses, from more traditional shapes like the simple A-Line and maxi dresses to more experimental takes. As a result, the options of how to style are endless.

In the wake of the upcoming colder months, we have put together a list of the best vegan leather dresses available today so you can easily find your new centerpiece for your winter wardrobe.

Our Top Picks For The Best Vegan Leather Dresses

Nanushka – Halli Shirt Dress

1. Nanushka – Halli Shirt Dress


This elegant and sophisticated take on the shirt dress by Nanushka is absolutely stunning. The experts in minimalist and bold fashion have crafted this dress from their exclusive Okobor vegan leather alternative for a luxury feel and look.

The versatility of a shirt dress is well documented, being perfect for a formal work setting combined with a smart cardigan, or simply worn by itself for a head-turning weekend outfit. A good wardrobe is incomplete without a shirt dress, so why not take the plunge this winter and pick up a vegan leather version that is sure to become a mainstay in your wardrobe.

Proenza Schouler – Ruched Faux Leather Mini Dress

2. Proenza Schouler – Ruched Faux Leather Mini Dress


Proenza Schouler’s faux leather mini dress is the perfect, versatile choice that can be the basis of absolutely any winter outfit. It has a square neckline that falls into a slightly flared hem, complete with the bodice ruched into soft folds that hug the body. 

It is perfect with a pair of heels for the perfect weekend dress, or with a pair of boots for a more edgy look.

Norma Kamali – Grace off-the-shoulder Vegan Leather Mini Dress

3. Norma Kamali – Grace off-the-shoulder Vegan Leather Mini Dress


This slick mini dress from Norma Kamali is the perfect weekend leather dress. Its short skirt and off-the-shoulder design make it a playful choice, but the sleeves bring a certain sophistication, a combination that is not so easily achieved. 

It is crafted from high-quality vegan leather that is just as good as any animal-derived leather. Cut for a tight fit around the bodice with an elasticated neckline to fit snuggly to your figure, complete with a structured skirt to give volume to the hem. We love the army green color, not something you see too often in vegan leather dresses.

Free People – Backstage Mini Dress

4. Free People – Backstage Mini Dress


If you have rockstar dreams then this is the choice for you. The aptly named Backstage mini dress is the perfect vegan leather dress if you’re looking for an edgier look, giving you a look that will fit in at any rock concert.

It has defined shoulders and an exaggerated zip feature for that punk look. Although an edgier look, and suited for extracurricular activities, it will go with absolutely anything from a pristine pair of sneakers, to heels, to knee-high boots. Even when a vegan leather dress is stylized as much as this one, it remains a versatile seasonal choice.

DKNY – Belted Long Sleeve Faux Leather Moto Minidress

5. DKNY – Belted Long Sleeve Faux Leather Moto Minidress


We love long sleeve dresses for the winter, especially vegan leather ones. Sometimes, however, they can be a hard style to pull off. That should not be a problem for the edgy look from DKNY.

It combines the lapels of a fashion-forward biker jacket with the elegance and femininity of the leather dress that can easily adapt to an edgier look with a pair of boots, or a more sophisticated style with a pair of heels and a clutch.

Free People – Mira Dress

6. Free People – Mira Dress


The Mira Dress is a stunning midi that will be perfect for just about everything we can think of. It has a strapless corset-inspired top, with a smooth and flowing skirt. It is cut to a classic A-Line fit out of high-quality, supple vegan leather.

Whether you want to pair it with a jacket and sneakers for a casual day in the city, or a pair of stilettos for even the most formal winter occasions, this vegan leather midi will be perfect and is a must-have for every winter wardrobe.

Cinq à Sept – McKenna Long Sleeve Faux Leather Dress

7. Cinq à Sept – McKenna Long Sleeve Faux Leather Dress


This long-sleeved dress is a great choice for a highly versatile winter dress. Its bell cuffs and large collar give a subdued 70’s look that we absolutely love. This dress would be perfectly at home as a stunning work outfit, all the way to being a dress to impress on the weekend.

It is new this season, and predict it will be a very popular product so get it whilst you can.

Never Fully Dressed – Kirsty Vegan Leather Dress

8. Never Fully Dressed – Kirsty Vegan Leather Dress


Never Fully Dressed is not an explicitly vegan brand, but it has a whole range of excellent vegan-friendly options. They even have a dedicated vegan leather department, and that’s exactly where we’ll be looking for the perfect vegan leather dress.

The Kirsty is described as a dress for partying, and we think it’s stunning. It is crafted from buttery, smooth vegan leather, and features a voluminous skirt that will float around you as you dance the night away. You can step out into the night with confidence in this perfect little party dress.

Naked Wardrobe – Too Hot Faux Leather Mini Dress

9. Naked Wardrobe – Too Hot Faux Leather Mini Dress


If you’re a fan of skin-tight dresses but you’re looking for something more appropriate for winter, then Naked Wardrobe have you covered. They specialize in figure-hugging minimalist clothing, and this faux leather mini dress is a perfect example of how a body contour dress can look refined and suitable for a dress-up occasion.

The low-cut square neck and body hugging cut will accentuate your best features but still give you that timeless and classic look of a leather dress.

House of CB – Jaquetta Wine Vegan Midi

10. House of CB – Jaquetta Wine Vegan Midi


This figure-hugging lace up midi from House of CB is perfect for nights out with the girls or for a romantic date. It is made from stretchy faux leather to show off your best features, as well as corset boning that defines the fit around the waist and a plunging neckline.

The wine coloring screams late evenings spent in the city as fall approaches, or a rooftop work party.

Naked Wardrobe – Faux-Ever Faux Leather Body-Con Dress

11. Naked Wardrobe – Faux-Ever Faux Leather Body-Con Dress


Naked Wardrobe has a whole range of faux leather body contour dresses this season, and we think these two encapsulate the two sides of what a vegan leather dress can give.

This design relies on a slightly more formal evening approach to the body contour dress. It hugs your body and still boldly shows off your best features, but does so with much more sophistication and elegance. Accessorize with this dress correctly and you have yourself the perfect evening dress that is guaranteed to turn some heads.

Azalea Wang – Pleated Side Faux Leather Dress

12. Azalea Wang – Pleated Side Faux Leather Dress


This budget-friendly, simple vegan leather dress is a fantastic budget option that gives all the versatility and edge you are looking for. It has pleating at the sides to gently craft the shape of the dress. It finishes at a midi length, making it perfect for the winter if you finish it with a cardigan, complete with a back slit for ease of movement. 

Looking good does not have to break the bank, and this dress is a perfect example of that

French Connection – Crolenda Long Sleeve Faux Leather Blazer Minidress

13. French Connection – Crolenda Long Sleeve Faux Leather Blazer Minidress


French Connection’s Blazer Mini Dress exemplifies the innate versatility of the leather dress. Its blazer style makes it perfect for a formal workwear outfit if it is paired with tights and sensible flats or heels. However, its mini dress length means it is playful enough to not be out of place on a night out at the weekend if you complete it with heels and a clutch.

The use of vegan leather to create this dress means it always has an element of edge to it, but how far you take this edginess is down to how you style it.

En Saison – Dawn Faux Leather Bustier Midi-Dress

14. En Saison – Dawn Faux Leather Bustier Midi-Dress


This graceful, flowing vegan leather dress from En Saison is the ideal choice for fall evenings spent out in the city. It has the distinguished and classic look of a paneled and snuggly fitting bodice, with a high-low hem and flowing skirt that adds dimension to the look.

Again, this dress is suited for when you need to dress to impress, but its vegan leather construction means you can easily use it for an edgier, punk look. Style with boots and chunk jewelry and you will fit in at any casual event with a look that impresses.

Why Choose Vegan Leather?

Animal leather comes at a huge cost to the animals and the earth. The use of animals as a commodity to produce material results in the mistreatment of the animals to maximize profits as they are not respected as individuals. The resources it takes to raise animals, usually cattle, are much higher than that of vegan leather.

Previously, vegan or faux leather has been associated with lower quality, but as higher fashion adopts the use of vegan leathers and the development of their quality continues this is no longer the case. 

There is also a practical aspect to using faux leather. In a lot of cases, a vegan dress will require a small amount of stretch for comfort and fit, and more often than not, faux leather is the best option for this

How Do You Wash Faux Leather Dresses?

How to wash your vegan leather skirt will often depend on the care instructions of the dress. In a vast majority of cases, simply throwing your dress in the washing machine is a no-go. Most dresses we have seen recommend dry cleaning, or simply spot cleaning. 

Generally, we would recommend spot cleaning. Unless you have managed to get your dress particularly dirty, you will not need to wash it nearly as often as you think. Spot cleaning is generally sufficient to keep your vegan leather dress looking as good as new.

Do Vegan Leather Dresses Stretch?

A lot of vegan leather dresses will have a small amount of stretch. This is not undesirable, as materials such as elastane or spandex are used to allow this. The inclusion of stretchy materials allows for a form-hugging style whilst allowing ease of movement. Unless the style of dress is loose-fitting, you will most likely feel a bit of stretch in your vegan leather dress.

This is not an undesirable stretch. Vegan leather dresses will often not overstretch and lose their shape.

Where to Find Vegan Leather Dresses

Faux leather dresses are probably slightly more common in stores than you might think. Faux and vegan leather seems to be a desirable material to use in dresses due to the ability to include stretchier materials in their composition for figure-hugging styles and ease of movement. 

However, it can be a bit of a minefield. For that reason, we still believe the easiest and most efficient place to find vegan leather dresses will be online. This is where we come in. The option of vegan leather dresses is almost endless and it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. To help you in your search, we put together the best and most stylish vegan leather dresses in this list so you can find your new winter wardrobe staple with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A vegan leather dress simply does not use animal-derived materials in its composition. There are options for plastic-based leathers, such as polyurethane, as well as plant-based leathers derived from plant masses like pineapple, cactus, and more.

How long a vegan leather dress lasts depends on the quality of your dress. Cheaper options may often wear out and lose their shape more quickly than more luxury dresses. If you are looking to find a vegan leather dress with a maximum life span, make sure to choose a high-quality dress from a reputable brand.

The reality is that vegan leather dresses will trap a considerably more amount of heat than other materials. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. We think the best time of the year for vegan leather dresses is fall/winter, and during these colder months, heat retention is exactly what we’re looking for. We want to look good all year round without suffering the harshness of the cold weather.

Generally, the best time of year for vegan leather dresses is fall/winter. This is due to the material retaining a lot of heat, making it perfect for colder months. However, skimpier styles such as mini dresses can be worn into the summer if the climate in your area is not blisteringly hot.

Vegan leather generally lasts longer than faux leather. Vegan leather generally refers to the use of high-quality materials such as plant-based leather (made from plant mass like pineapple, cactus, and more) whilst faux leather is sometimes used to describe “pleather” that is used as a cheaper alternative to animal leather.


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